IMT Nagpur, poem

Y = f(x) The Theme Of Interdependence

Which states one cannot live without affecting the other,

In a world where a child cannot be born without his mother.

Where the decision of one affects the rest,

Some lead to sadness and some to joyous feast,

It’s everywhere- from nature’s food chain to pages of history,

The forthcoming lines would unravel the mystery!

Nature has its own way of interconnecting its elements,

It showcases a variety of balanced sentiments,

Where the drops of the monsoon shower,

Awakes the beautiful flowers,

Where a ray of sparkling sunlight,

Spreads a feeling of happiness,

Where the survival of species depends upon another,

One cannot live without affecting the other!

The theme of interdependence can be understood best,

In a world war context –

Where the order of one changed the lives of billions,

With the death toll rising to billions,

The bombings in Japan and the practice of Hitler in Germany,

Took away from the lives of millions- To enjoy the day sunny.

The attacks of Osama on the twin towers,

Brought out the painful showers,

For the people who would never come back,

All that remained was the dead body rack.

Everything in the world is so related,

Consequences beforehand often cannot be belated,

The action of one has an impact on another,

Youngsters nowadays drive away their father or mother,

Some actions bring happiness and some pain,

All now think about their own personal gain,

A suggestion to be regarded as a fact,

“We all should think before we act.”



Radhika Rathi

PGDM 2015-17