motivation, Positivity

Work for what you wish

Tired of living that same monotonous life over and over? Looking for that fresh splash that can add colors to your life. Try something that you never thought of doing before. Do things beyond your imagination. When you realize there is no limit which you cannot push yourself beyond, you end up doing things which otherwise seem to be a no win. Someone rightly said path of happiness lies within. It starts with oneself. Create a circus which not only pays you but also paves the path to your passion. Make “One for the soul, one for the kitchen” your motto. Move with it, work for it and eventually all the difference will be seen. We live in a world of competition where responsibilities cannot be ignored, until and unless you do not find your passion that can fill your stomach till then work, work to earn your living. Burst the bubble of confusion that stops you from following what you want to. Do not let the web of the society trap you. Dream Big! Your destiny comes from your thoughts. Find out where your joy resides and give it a voice far beyond singing, for to miss the joy is to miss it all.

Ridhima Rastogi | PGDM (2016-2018)

Ridhima Rastogi