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Wings in the Starry Night

Darkness sneaks upon the ground,

As the shadows become obscure.

The tired wings fly homeward,

Through a sullen red sky.

The painstaking anticipation begins,

As creatures roam free.

Awaiting the first light,

To pierce through and cleanse the soul.

The queue of anticipation continues,

Thoughts and visions tread in.

Is this the end? Or is there a way out?

I still linger on, grasping on to the last few straws.

A vision crossed my mind,

A fading image, a faint tune.

I hope and keep fantasizing,

Trying to cling to every fragment,

I will not let it slip,

No, not this time.

I lie under the open sky in amazement.

The sky gather in unison,

Is this a conspiracy?

I watch the wonders unfold,

As a lone bird flies by like a gust of wind,

Arousing me from my trance,

I try to express my gratitude.

But words fail me in my endeavour,

As I slowly lose myself again,

Into the starry night and crescent moon!

Tanvi Pandey | PGDM 2016-18