IMT Nagpur, Milestone

Wing it, if you can!

I always thought I was just another brick in the wall. When I entered IMT, my brick got a color as well, it’s red. Before I used to think, but now I started executing my thoughts. Committee work, teamwork and personal interventions made me feel alive.

Days in and days out, I came across many interesting tasks and suddenly I stumbled on the tasks of the most creative committee “MILESTONE”. I put together all my thoughts and finally the D-day arrived.

It was 2’O clock in the night, a classroom full of creative minds, invited me. My brain was stipulating the situation while my heart was beating like it will jump just out of my chest and start dancing on the table right in front of me. I was about to push my luck for a seat, to sit among them. I was a minuscule water drop looking at a huge ocean in front of me, waiting for me to show what I got. This was the way I started my presentation. My work reflected on the projector screen seemed as if a cricket test match highlights are going on. Those minutes were the longest ones in my life. My head going like “If I keep pushing then I will win, but if I sit idle then bub-bye it is”. The presentation was a series of improvisations. They asked me questions, made me doubt myself but my heart didn’t lose hope, it kept on saying with every beat “You’ll make it, it will be yours”.

After the process was over all this felt like something I had experienced before. It was just like any other day where you make mistakes and then you reach out to people to correct them. The paneled brushed my rough edges, its true a diamond till carved has no shine.

My heart says that I have reached the place where I’ll be able to shine bright as people are ready to invest in me here. This interview has given me a new chance and a new perspective to life.

Thank you MILESTONE TEAM!!!!!!

Abhilash Mishra | PGDM 2015-17