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Why do we drive with the brakes on?

Why do we rive with the brakes on?Almost all of us, in today’s age know how to drive; most of us do. Even those people who do not drive, know there are three pedals – accelerator, brake and clutch. Don’t be misled; this is not a theoretical session about driving. So then, why am I talking all this? Well it is to bring to your notice a simple concept of what stops us in life from achieving to our potential.

Now, if I tell you that the brake in our life are the string of negative thoughts and resentments, would you agree? No one drives the car with the brakes applied, rather is considered almost a sin, if someone does. So then why do we apply brakes in our lives and live under constant stress and fatigue?


It is common sense that we will either wear out the brakes, or make the engine stress higher for producing decent amount of speed. Still, every day we surround ourselves with the negatives of every situation and fail to see what the potential lies. This actually wears us out, mentally physically and even emotionally.

Most often than not, the negatives are in our head only and do not exist for real. If we keep pushing and lead our life with positive thoughts, success will follow.To drive our life smoothly, press the accelerator, i.e. perform the duty, job or task sincerely.

Now how we drive also matters. However, the fact that I am trying to focus upon here is to live and perform your duties without the thought of fear or grudge. Whatever we decide to do in life, why is it that we apply the brakes in our heads before even starting the journey?

Conviction; like the clutch pedal, in this case, is an important factor that helps us live our life in such a manner. Any job that we pick up or is given, needs a sense of conviction or purpose for it to be completed properly. Anyone can do a job but it takes a lot of effort and purpose to get results out of a job.

Usually, the life that we feel we deserve and the life that we are actually living differ cause of these factors. Wishful thinking is of no use, working towards your goal would rather help you get closer to it.

Live life with purpose rather than being mechanical and be convinced of the actions undertaken each day. Focus on gathering positive thoughts from every situation rather than dwelling in the swamp of the negativity. You will notice a stark difference in the way you lead your life.

Anjan Kumar Merkap | PGDM 15-17