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Which Specialization is the best in PGDM?

Management has always been one of the most important aspects of an organization. Every sector is unique in its way and needs special personalized decision-making skills. To acquire these skills, a post-graduation in management from a reputed institute helps the student in kick-starting their career. 

Nowadays there are many options in terms of full-time degrees, to remote courses in management. But what a 2-year specialization can teach you, an online course cannot.

A detailed PGDM program can open many doorways to establish a management expert in the industry. Many people get confused about the differences between an MBA and a PGDM degree. When you go for MBA from State Universities, the curriculum is set in a semester system whereas while pursuing PGDM from Autonomous Institutes is in the trimester system.Autonomous institutes who award PGDM and also have NBA accreditation and AIU approval are equivalent to MBA in terms of PG degree and better than MBA in employability. Some reputed institutes in India offer elaborate PGDM programs in various specializations. IMT-Nagpur is one of the best institutes to pursue your post-graduation in management.

They have 6 specializations that are specially curated to suit the current day issues of each of the departments. IMT-Nagpur offers 2 Year Residential PGDM programs in Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations, Business Analytics, and IT.

Finance is at the center of decision-making in any organization, be it profit-making or otherwise. The program takes a realistic look into the broad aspects of Financial Management and relates theories, tools, and techniques to practical experience. It also provides exposure to the prevailing financial environment in the country. Another extremely crucial PGDM specialization in Human Resources. Without an efficient HR team in a company, the workforce will truly go haywire. As an HR Executive, one requires a lot of patience, people skills, management, and conflict resolution skills. For one to incorporate these skills, it requires a lot of training and guidance from an experienced professional.

Understanding Customer psychology and building campaigns from scratch that cater to both the business and the client is a complex job. It requires a quick-witted mind, creativity, logic, and a deep understanding of the current market. You truly have to be the jack of all trades. So, intensive and focused training and experience are very important when it comes to pursuing post-graduation in HR and Operations.

Similar is the case with specializations like Business Analytics and IT. All of them require intensive research, analytics, logic as well as a hint of creativity.

 Such a versatile field requires specialized guidance that helps the candidate achieve excellence. While picking a specialization for your post-graduation in management, make sure to keep these factors in mind, and pair them with your interests and capabilities. Otherwise, every specialization is equally unique and important in an organization.