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Which degree has more value at present MBA or PGDM?

What is PGDM?
A Post Graduate Diploma in Management or PGDM is a diploma in management offered by autonomous institutes. It is usually a 2-year program which students can pursue in various specializations depending on institutes offering the program. PGDM usually follows a trimester system and the curriculum focuses on industry-centric courses. PGDM is equivalent to an MBA if the institute offering the program is accredited by AIU.

What is an MBA?
Master of Business Administration or MBA is a degree in management issued by the State/ Private University. Just like PGDM, students from any background and a bachelor’s degree can apply for an MBA. Since the MBA degree is issued by Government or private universities, it is more theory based since they follow a set curriculum as opposed to PGDM, whose curriculum can be altered as per the industry standards at that time.
Differences between MBA and PGDM

  1. Curriculum
    Since an MBA is offered by State/ Private Universities, most of the curriculum in different colleges offering the degree is similar. Whereas PGDM is offered by autonomous institutes and hence they have the liberty to curate and alter the curriculum according to their standards. If one opts for PGDM post their graduation, based on the institute they get into, they can get to learn management through a new and updated curriculum.
  1. Accreditation
    Since PGDM programs are offered by autonomous institutes, it is crucial to check their accreditations. IMT-Nagpur is accredited by AICTE, AIU and NBA. IMT Nagpur is in advanced stages of the International Accreditations such as AACSB and SAQS. It means that the PGDM programs offered here are equivalent in terms of value in the market.
  2. Fee Structure
    Pursuing an MBA may beeconomical than a Post Graduate Diploma in Management. But the quality of education offered in the cutting-age PGDM programs along with the exposure and co-curricular activities is superior to the traditional curriculum offered at an MBA institute.

The value of an MBA or PGDM in the current market is determined based on certain factors such as the quality of the program, curriculum, affiliations, faculty panel, pedagogy and the institute’s ranking and reputation. IMT-Nagpur is a class apart when it comes to PGDM programs due to its practical based and elaborate curriculum, highly experienced faculty, top-notch infrastructure, and the overall quality of education. So, rather than asking about whether an MBA has more value or PGDM, all
these factors should be taken into consideration.