life, motivation


Life is a tortuous journey with uncertain meandering curves. Hard choices and situations knock at our doors in a  serendipitous way. To fight the adverse situations, we should always be ready to face the consequences encountering us and dealing with such uncertainties doesn’t come easily to everybody.

I relate sitting to be a comfortable position in life where we are complacent and sulking in our accustomed surroundings. While standing up with a straightened backbone and keeping our head held up high requires patience, persistence and efforts.

Silhouette of hiking man jumping over the mountains

For a considerable amount of time in our life, we prefer staying in a self-woven cocoon and we find it difficult or rather futile to try and come out of that protective shield to face the real world. But, not always that shield hold up for too long. There comes a time when we have to face challenges and are forced to overcome them for our survival. A wise person should always be equipped with the right kind of skills and attitude to deal with any adverse life’s situation. He should be ready to leave that soft, comfortable and upholstered, comfortable zone of his and be ready to stand up. Stand up straight. Ready to face whatever comes his way with his head held up and alacrity soaring high. He should be ready to take responsibilities, set goals for himself, persevere to achieve them and go beyond the idea of success.

When sitting becomes monotonous, when everybody is walking down to same trite road, when our vision is not blinded, when we are teeming with confidence and enthusiasm, when we just can’t sit, it is the right time to stand up and stand up straight.

Sneha Kumar | PGDM 2015-17