WhatsApp, are you listening?

I couldn’t stop laughing when I read a long text from my best friend trolling the “Happy Friendship Day” fever that had gripped the world on that occasion. The text was a change-catalyst as compared to all the psychic-emotional friendship texts received on that day. As I put my phone down, I questioned myself “Did I receive the same number of texts 4 years back?” and “Would I receive even half the number of texts today if WhatsApp didn’t exist?” The answer was evident, the two letter word was floating in my mind.

WhatsApp has revolutionized the entire communication mode. You don’t “text” anyone anymore, you “WhatsApp”. Telecom service providers have borne the brunt, we don’t care about the reminder messages “Normal message tariff of Re. 1 would be charged on National Holidays and special days like- Diwali, Holi, Friendship Day, New Year.”

As Mark Twain had quoted “Years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do”, there lies a yellow signal in front of WhatsApp, it’s time for them to pause and think. As many would say, WhatsApp should think “out-of-the-box”, I’d recommend thinking “beyond-the-box”.

I so wanted to text my girl-friend on her Birthday at midnight, but being an early-to-bed kind, I missed out on it. How I wish WhatsApp had the “Timed Message” option, where you can draft a text and set the time. With this facility half the fights in the world over “You weren’t the first one to wish me” on Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine Day, New Year etc. would cease to exist.

It so happens with us, in a weak moment of either exceptional happiness or anger, we say things and then realise the grave consequences. How often than not we fold our hands and pray “I wish I could delete the text I sent”. Well there, WhatsApp bring in “Retract Message” feature. This could be a preventive measure of deleting a text before it’s read by the receiver. I now, feel a sigh of relief.

“People Finder” would be the highlight of WhatsApp. A feature where we can add people from different countries and get personal. Knowing their lifestyle, discussing work, sharing photos etc. makes me think good times are ahead.

We all have this habit of reading certain texts time and again, and again and again. Talking about “special” texts received, it gets difficult to locate texts because of the innumerable conversations. “Favourites” tab is the solution to this. Mark a text/photo/video as favourite and view it whenever you want to refresh your memory.

I love to express myself for I believe expressions speak louder than words. But every now and then I cannot click a selfie and send across my expression to one and all. WhatsApp, if you are listening, please add “Stickoticon”, a large compilation of emoticon stickers. The new Stickoticon “Awwww’s, Rofl’s, Lol’s” etc. would add so much drama.

If WhatsApp wants to keep its extraordinary growth rate, it has to implement new changes and quick. In this world of continuous change, what comes next and conquers the population is unpredictable. Some exciting new features will only boost the confidence of the WhatsApp users and further strengthen its position as a leader worldwide. After all, like “Whats-up”, WhatsApp too has become our morning word.

Hasan Armoghan | PGDM 2014-16