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What are the benefits of doing PGDM?

When it comes to pursuing a post-graduation in management from India, many people offer wonder whether to do a PGDM program or an MBA. While PGDM may have the word ‘Diploma’ in it, it is still equally relevant and important in terms of weightage to an MBA. A ‘Post Graduate Diploma in Management’ or PGDM is a 2-Year Full-time program which is offered by autonomous institutes. While there an array of institutes in India providing a PGDM program, IMT Nagpur is one of the most top-notch institutes if one wants to become an expert in the management sector. This article aims to provide an insight into the benefits of pursuing PGDM to help candidates make an informed decision that will secure their future-

  1. Change in Career Path
    Management is a sector that requires an amalgamation of all the skills. It is an integral part of any organization/institute/business. There are no limitations of prior specializations for graduates to get into a PGDM program. If one has the required score in the entrance exam and a management intellect, one can easily pursue a post-graduation in management. As a result, for people who are looking to change career paths while ensuring a secure future, they opt for a PGDM program.
  2. Updated Curriculum
    Since the MBA is offered by state universities, they have a set curriculum which has been practised for years. But PGDM is offered by autonomous institutes the set curriculum is industry centric. Autonomous institutes offering PGDM programs have the liberty and the resources to update their curriculum as per the present day need of the market. This enables the students to get the latest education in management while gaining industry exposure.
  3. Industry Exposure
    Venturing out into the industry can be dicey with no prior education/experience in management. But, when you undertake a PGDM program of your specialization, you get to attend various seminars, conferences, industrial visits,and summer internships. This enables you to get in touch with a lot of renowned and established people from the industry or even alumni who have made a name for themselves in the management sector. This not only helps you in getting extra guidance, but also helps you build your network circle.
  1. Entrepreneurial Opportunities
    Various institutes have dedicated programs, committees, and training to nurture the innovative leadership qualities of the students. IMT-Nagpur, too, has a dedicated Entrepreneurship Cell that conducts various workshops, interactive sessions, competitions presented by eminent personalities. This Entrepreneurship Cell creates an environment that ignites ideas on innovation and creative thinking. This encourages students to take charge of their own lives and become leaders that aim to revolutionize the face of the industry.
  2. Multi-Dimensional Development
    When you are studying in an established institute like IMT-Nagpur, you not only learn the curriculum taught inside the classrooms and labs, but you also get a holistic learning experience that helps you develop
    various skill sets. There are several Certificate programs held in institutes that cater to developing certain extra-curricular skill sets of an individual. When students learn alongside peers from multi-dimensional
    backgrounds, they get a chance to learn from other people’s experiences and grow their portfolio of expertise.
  3. Placements
    Venturing out on your own into the corporate world can involve a lot of struggle and time. The programs and education provided at institutes like IMT-Nagpur put a high value on training students to develop skills of employability. With that potential, students get a platform to jumpstart their career with the recruitments hosted by institutes.

There are numerous perks to do PGDM and one should consider all these prospects while choosing an institute because those 2 years will help you carve your pathway to success and fulfil your dreams.