Waiting for the silver lining

[*Dedicated to all who are in a dilemma over whether to wait or move on, to give their best or give up, to break or to repair….]


http://www.thefreedictionary.com/sycophant defines Sycophant as “A person who attempts to gain advantage by flattering influential people or behaving in a servile manner.”

http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/sycophant defines it as “a self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite.”

Looks like this word can be used in very close reference, isn’t it?

Every morning when I look at the mirror, I proudly question “What’s in for today?” The answer is uncertain. Always. After all, the question is asked by the brain, and the answer lies with the heart.

Let’s further dissect the word, sycophant, and its meaning. “A fawning parasite”, it was written. Parasite? Aah, it hurts.

Well, as far as my knowledge goes, a parasite is a bloodsucker leech, who once attached to a body, isn’t easy to get away with. Sad. How disgusting can a parasite be!

Thank God, no Human is a parasite. Or, are they?!

Lailah Gifty Akita, in https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/tag/never-let-go page, makes a wonderful quote “Never give up on anything.If you fail, try, try and try again.You are learning the best ways of doing things.”

Oh, what a noble thought. Never give up. Never let it go. Keep trying. But, easier said than done, is what I say, and, a major percentage of the world population would agree with me.

I questioned a friend, “Hey, tell me for how long should a person try?” The immediate reply was “Hain? What are you asking? How long in what context? Tell me what happened?” I snapped at him. Why can’t people just give a reply without knowing the “back-end story”? Idiots.

I then questioned Google “Who is a strong person?” And, I was directed to http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/25-signs-that-youre-mentally-strong-person.html page where I saw 25 distinct traits of a “strong person”. “Open to feedback, Apologise when necessary, Open to receiving help, Follow your instincts, Try things outside the comfort zone” etc. were a few points that made me sit up and notice. Well, a few of them, I preach. Diligently.

I therefore believe I am somewhat a strong person. Somewhat only. Point to be noted.

Connecting the dots: Sycophant parasite, Never giving up, and, Strong person, let us figure out a relation. Well, how different are these three to even think of forming a relation. But, something could bind all these together. Something… Something… What thing?

Eureka, I got it. I, got it. I finally got it.

So let me put it this way- A “parasite” is a “strong person” who “never gives up”. How convenient. Eh, somewhat.

Today I asked the mirror a question, “Am I parasite?” The answer, looks somewhat clear. That idiot mirror was laughing at me, mocking at my helplessness of getting an answer. Wait. Let the sun rise tomorrow. I now have the response ready. “Yes. I am a parasite. Yes. I am never going to give up. Yes. I am a strong person.”

The intended message is clear and in bold-

Fight, for what you want. Fight. Survive. Get hurt. Get up. Run. Chase, and one day, it’ll be yours.


It’s been more than 2 months and I have been fighting,
But, one day, some day,
The clouds will finally have the silver lining,
The darkness will cease, the sun will shine,
Because one day, some day,
What I want, will be mine!

——- Hasan Armoghan