Emotions, Thoughts

Utopian Castle

Just like every other day,
He woke up amidst hundreds just like him.
The angelic eyes brightened the morning,
With innocence right at the brim.

While hundreds of tykes just like him
Got down to their daily monkey business,
The young lad sat down to build
His own dreamy acropolis.

He lay down his world in front of him
Which was merely an old notebook
And took out his most precious gift;
a box of broken crayons once he’d gladly took.

He drew a picture of the school
He used to see from the dorm window,
Wishing for a day when he too would
Bear a bag of dreams, as big as a limo.

He drew himself in a white uniform
With hands placed on a wheel,
Steering towards a lambent time,
Flying away to reach celestial ceiling.

His canvas seemed to be endless,
And his wishes, umpteen.
With the colours of his fantasy,
He dyed his future hyper-green.

He wrapped his secret wishes
And once again took to bed,
To wake up to a whole new day
With a new wishes to thread.

And just like that had passed
Another birthday of his,
With the smiles of dubious hopes
And castle of Utopian wishes.

Himanshu Chiripal | PGDM 2016-18