Unspoken Words

All he ever wanted for her was the best of everything, before she even thought she wanted it, she had it, he made innumerable sacrifices that she didn’t even know of. He showed her right from wrong and protected her from all evil and loved her so much that a glimpse of her smile, would light up his day. He stood by her through thick and thin, she had to look nowhere, but beside her if she ever needed a shoulder to cry on. If given the power, he would keep her with him forever and ever, away from the big bad world, be her knight in shining armour.

To her, he was the man she looked up to, her hero, her idol. She always looked at him and thought, “I’ll be like him one day!” She would do everything she could to make him happy, to brighten a gloomy day, to make him laugh when he didn’t want to smile. He was her first love and she wouldn’t love any other man as much, ever.

There comes a time in everybody’s life when they have to make a decision, keeping in mind everything from emotions to goals and it was no different for them. She wanted to explore the opportunities the world had to offer, for which she would have to step out of her comfort zone and away from everything she had ever known, she would have to move out of her home. He wanted her to grow and be what she wanted. The last thing he wanted was to put her into shackles and not let her do what her heart said. He felt it was his duty to show her the pros and cons of her situation. However, she always had the last say.

He was her strength and weakness. He helped her in her time of need and when she had to take a decision. On one hand, she wanted to stay back for him, but on the other, her ambitions awaited. She put on a brave face, covered up the heavy heart and decided that she would go. Emotions were being bottled up and neither of them showed any signs of weakness. The feeling was similar to that of a pilot on a plane, who is ready to take off, waiting for the final signal on the runway. It was their time of preparation for the big ‘take off’.

Days passed and the time for her to leave came closer. She looked at him with eyes of desperation to hear a word or two of love, but she knew he loved her way too much to hold her back from the biggest opportunity she was about to bag. He knew that if he became weak in front of her, she would break and the mask of strength would fall right off.

The day finally arrived to bid the final goodbye. It seemed like only yesterday when they were both debating about this, nobody was really prepared for the separation. They knew it had to happen anyway. They had so much to say to each other, but neither said a word. The silence in the car, during the ride to the airport, was deafening.

The final send off was inevitable. The time had come and she had to leave. She was almost in tears and she couldn’t look him in the eye. It was then that she heard her father say,”I trust you and I know you will take care of everything yourself. Just don’t get fat!” She looked at him with wide eyes and they burst into a fit of giggles. He hugged her one last time and she took her bags and left. She didn’t turn around to get a glance of the man she loved so much and wouldn’t see for who-knows-how-long, just so he wouldn’t see her crying. Little did she know that he had turned around and started walking back towards the car too, with a tear that he resented, rolling down his cheek!

Subhi Poddar | PGDM 2016-18

Subhi Poddar