Travel for alacrity and clarity

If nations could establish a nexus by knowing each other intimately , most of the present misunderstandings and disagreements would have been extirpated completely. The gulf between the different cultures will be abridged and a kind of international culture may crop up. Thus travelling is a great source of burgeoning international harmony. In the modern times, there are greater opportunities for traveling than in the past. Owing to speedier means for travel by land, sea or air, we can go around the world in a few weeks.

Although for noble aim of acquiring knowledge may be totally missing in our programs of travel, it is certain that our experience of travel will benefit us in various ways. Traveling in the younger sort is a part of education. In the eider, a part of experience. Traveling teaches and teaches better than the books. No sense-organ is more potent as a factor in teaching than the eye. We hear and yet doubt. We read, and yet question and challenge. We rub our eyes and shrug our shoulders. But if we directly go to the spot in contention, all of our skepticism comes to rest and our doubts are dispelled.

Though people say that life is real and pragmatic but much of what a man learns from books is theoretical unless modified in the light of practical experience. Travelling furnishes an occasion for that, and helps to equip man with proper arms to fight the battle of life. The proper study of mankind is man, and the traveler comes into contact with various kinds of men, and thus acquires better knowledge of man and his mind.

Though it’s not necessary to quote how important travelling is for understanding of humans and their civilization. There is mirth and laughter, ecstasy and tragedy, fellow-feeling, hate and repulsion all to be learnt from the life in the raw that only travel can bring to us. Some delicate goods as justice, level and honor, courtesy, and indeed all the things we care for, are valid everywhere, but they are variously molded and often differently handled, and sometimes nearly unrecognizable if you meet them in a foreign land; and the art of learning fundamental common values is perhaps the greatest gain of travel to those who wish to live at ease among their follows.

When a man is at the top of a mountain, he realizes the littleness of his own self and he feels the pettiness of human quarrels and conflicts, and a sense sublime raises him to a higher plane. Beyond this and above all is enjoyment with no utilitarian objective, which is the main business of both travel and education to increase as they can. Good days are to be gathered like sunshine in grapes, to be trodden and bottled into wine and kept for age to sip at ease beside his fire.

There is no substitute for travel. Curiously enough, our own life’s a journey, out of one room into another and on beyond the room of death into bright new world. If nothing else, we may learn to understand better the meaning of travel from an understanding of our own position in the cosmic pattern.

Harshit Gupta | PGDM 2014-16