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Pursuing PGDM in Marketing? Here Are 7 Career Opportunities That You Should Know Of!

Marketing is an essential component of every company that sells goods or services. Marketing is used to spread the word about their products and services. PGDM in Marketing is undoubtedly the most popular of all PGDM specialties due to its high potential.

If you are thinking about pursuing PGDM, you might also be concerned about CMAT accepting colleges with their cut off. You should learn everything about the program, the career options after PGDM in Marketing, and CMAT accepting top colleges from this blog. 

However, first, let us briefly understand the marketing industry’s future.

Prospects for PGDM Graduates in the Marketing Industry

Even when a firm is struggling, it spends more money on marketing as it helps increase sales. With this information, you can determine how effective marketing is for a firm and its breadth. And with the advancement of technology, digital marketing is quickly gaining traction in the marketing world.

According to a FICCI-EY analysis, the advertising to GDP ratio is predicted to increase from 0.38 percent in 2019 to 0.4 percent by 2025. From Rs. 1.73 trillion (US$ 23.29 billion) in 2021, the media and entertainment sector is expected to rise by 25% to Rs. 1.73 trillion (US$ 23.29 billion) by 2025.

It is expected to expand to Rs. 2.23 trillion (US$ 30.6 billion) by 2023 as digital usage accelerates across regions. Advertising income in India is expected to increase from Rs. 596 billion (US$ 8.46 billion) in 2020 to Rs. 915 billion (US$ 12.98 billion) in 2023. By 2020, India had 803 million online video users, including streaming services and content on free sites like YouTube. 

The number of mobile video watchers is expected to reach 356 million by 2020, thanks to an increase in the number of users who prefer video content over the previous few years. Moreover, the market is expected to keep growing in the coming years, with newer job opportunities arising regularly.

Top 7 Career Options After PGDM in Marketing

The following are just a handful of the numerous professions available to you after completing a PG Diploma in Marketing Management. These jobs provide a high earning potential as well as prospects for advancement. 

  • Market Research Analyst

    PG Diploma in Marketing Management graduates who pursue market research analysts must be well-versed in the industry in which they operate. They must establish marketing plans, sales tactics, new goods and services based on their expertise and study. 

  • Marketing Manager

    Marketing executives are those who work in the sector. To produce sales, you must travel and meet new individuals and sell the company’s products and services. A marketing manager is in charge of promoting and positioning a brand or the products and services sold by a firm. Marketing managers are often hired to increase the number of clients who buy from the firm and improve brand recognition via marketing campaigns.

  • Business Development Manager

     Business Development Managers must generate and bring in new business for the company. As a business development manager, your goal is to generate sales leads, present products or services to new clients, and establish positive working relationships with new connections. You’ll also create a solid communication strategy for new product innovations to prospective clientele.

  • Brand Manager

    Brand managers are in charge of the company’s products and services brands. They handle brand storytelling and communication. They are the folks who shape the image of a corporation. These managers will discover customer insights and create new marketing tactics. You will also recruit consumers and prospects and develop strategies to improve the customer experience. In addition, they collaborate closely with the marketing and advertising divisions. It is one of the career options after PGDM in Marketing that requires both creativity and administration.

  • Sales Manager

    Sales managers lead a team of sales professionals who make direct sales. The manager must create goals, assist staff in meeting those goals, and increase the company’s total revenues. As a Sales Manager, you’ll be responsible for achieving client acquisition and revenue growth goals while keeping the organization competitive and inventive. In addition, you will be in charge of maximizing our sales team’s potential, developing sales strategies, and justifying those goals to top management.

  • Social Media Manager

    As a Social Media Manager, you will be in charge of establishing and implementing Social Media strategies to grow the company’s online presence and boost marketing and sales efforts. In addition, you will be collaborating with the Marketing and Sales divisions.

  • Monetisation Manager
    The Monetization Manager is a vital figure in finding essential factors to boost revenue throughout the company’s various sectors. You will create a quarterly and monthly plan that aligns with the strategy and takes advantage of all product features and marketing tools. Furthermore, you will make, test, and analyze intriguing and unique ideas, as well as express them.

There will be a demand for professionals who are conversant with the market and its financial components. Therefore, choosing the ideal institution is critical for students looking for CMAT accepting colleges with their cut off for their PGDM.

Why IMT Nagpur Is One of the Best PGDM Colleges in Nagpur

IMT Nagpur is one of the CMAT accepting top colleges with PGDM in Marketing. The PG Diploma in Marketing Management programme at IMT Nagpur is intended to prepare students to become industry managers and leaders. One of Nagpur’s leading CMAT accepting colleges with their cut off IMT Nagpur gives industry-oriented knowledge and apt soft skills development.

The PGDM programme at IMT Nagpur gives experience and ideas on how firms may increase their efficiency and production. In addition, students worried about CMAT accepting top colleges can rest easy as IMT Nagpur is one of India’s leading CMAT accepting colleges with their cut off.

Students will be confident in their talents and capabilities when they enter the field after completing the Marketing programme with IMT Nagpur CMAT cut off eligibility.

Aside from education, an institute should provide a platform for students to develop their identities and learn how to dwell with others to accomplish synergistic growth. Furthermore, their education has far-reaching implications that extend beyond traditional academic subjects.

Thanks to their eligibility criteria, IMT Nagpur CMAT cut off allows students to enroll without much stress. IMT Nagpur’s mission is to deliver a value-driven and technologically-oriented academic environment and industry-relevant management programmes with a creative and entrepreneurial attitude.

Choose IMT Nagpur for the above reasons to pursue PGDM in Marketing and enroll now!