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To the most beautiful woman I know,

I have seen you as I grew up and I see u now, the only difference I could notice is that you have turned more beautiful since then. I cannot think of many sons who have written letters to their moms, but they are not to be blamed, they might not have an inspiration like you. You always have worn a smile for us no matter what went on inside. You hardly compromised on your charm over any other feeling that might be bothering you. I love you mother and I want you to be happy not because of anyone else, but because of your own self. Mother as I write this letter, I feel if I could take you out on a date and decorate the walls with the sketches you have made. I want to tell u how I feel when I look at them, a compassionate heart is what I see in all of them. When your face glows with that smile of yours, I see a million dreams that you never disclosed. But maa, I will not let those unsaid dreams pass by,I want to fulfill all your dreams, till the day I die. I know that you are just like me, ambitions were never more than what we could not be. My heart is overwhelmed now and my hands are shivering because the more I think the more it feels stupefying. I just ask god to bless me if he could, not more but with a fraction of courage you hold. I will end this letter on a happy note .Yes, you the most beautiful woman I have ever known.