To IMT-Nagpur, with love from Meenu Mynam, PGDM (Batch 2010-12)

After a long gap of three months, the sight of red bricks filled most of us with immense joy. Long gone are the days when we used to shudder at the very thought of going back to our hostels. Life at IMT is what each one of us looked forward to, during our Summer Internship Break. I still remember the day when I got the email confirming my admission into this illustrious and serene campus. Going back to school after a two-year stint in the corporate world sounded a little too difficult back then. But the day I set foot on the campus, all my qualms vanished. The well designed campus which boasts of infrastructure comparable to the IIM’s, gently reassured us as we all set forth on our two-year’s journey.

Being a regular visitor of various forums for MBA aspirants, I always wondered how the B-school students who answered our queries on these forums managed their schedules even after staying up all night. And after just one day at IMT, I had already found an answer to this. As a famous poem says, “I have miles to go before I sleep”, but at IMT one would be enthusiastically looking forward to trotting all those miles and many more before one finally goes to bed. It is one phase of your life which will definitely make you say – “24 hours in a day is just not enough.”

The first week was quite a mirthful experience for all of us. The activities during the day time helped us bond with each other and the healthy interactive sessions during the night drew us close to our seniors. The outbound sessions which involved rappelling, trust-fall etc, made many of us do things which we had never done before. Nevertheless, it was unimaginable fun. The first tri-semester took off at a rather fast pace with the commerce graduates in much demand. The late night analysis of balance sheets coupled with fighting over limited plates of Maggi was a common sight.

Milestone 34 – our much awaited intra-college event reunited the seniors and juniors. A battle of wits, a rush of adrenaline, memories for a lifetime and three nights full of merriment. Milestone 34 aka M 34 provides all of this in plenty. With classes happening during the day and events spanning three nights, M 34 aims at testing both physical and mental stamina of future managers. This is immediately followed by the annual sporting event of IMT called ‘Rannbhoomi’, and true to its name, the three-day sporting extravaganza which is no less than a battle field as teams take on each other in various games like football, basket ball, tennis etc.

‘Melange’ is the alumni meet which coincides with ‘Rannbhoomi’ and the campus comes to life with the arrival of alumni.  It is a wonderful sight to see so many generations if IMT’ians playing alongside each other. Though winning is on everybody’s mind, it is the sense of camaraderie that prevails. The nuances of corporate life, the do’s and dont’s during the interviews, long discussions on career plans – ‘Melange’ helps you to get an expert’s take on all these aspects.

Now accustomed to the traditions of the IMT, the second term started on a very cool note. Though we had, by then, risen to a level above analysing the balance sheet, finance still scared a lot of us. The psychometric tests in Organisational Behaviour were always fun, with each of us pulling the other’s leg by type casting them into categories like Type A, Adaptive Child, etc. Taking flight with the 4P’s, Marketing gave us ample scope to discuss creative ideas. And thanks to these positive discussions in the class rooms, a couple of my classmates are already entrepreneurs. A group of them launched an eatery in the campus which sells milk shakes and pasta during the night. Another group launched a laundry which also operates during the night. The second term ends with Milestone 35, the annual inter-college fest. The three day event definitely fosters new acquaintances as teams from B-schools across the country throng the campus.

The third tri-semester kept us busy again with companies coming in to choose students to intern with them. These interviews had to be accommodated alongside our projects and assignments. By the end of January, IMT gets ready for another sporting event called ‘Mahasangram’ just before the seniors take leave. With a heavy heart we bade farewell to our seniors in February but were glad to know that we were going to host the convocation ceremony on our very own campus. And as expected, all the seniors turned up for the convocation. Mr.Sunil Bharti Mittal, founder and group CEO of Bharti Enterprises and Mr. Kamal Nath, Minister of Commerce and Industry presided over the convocation. As the ‘freshly crowned MBA grads’ walked towards their proud parents, a lot of us tried to imagine what it felt like. But then, we have a year to go before experiencing it.

With exams round the corner, I could not believe I was already a ‘senior’ at IMT. Days just flew by and they literally DID. The day we entered the campus was left far behind and we were now home-bound for our summer internship. It would be almost three long months before we could all get a glimpse of the (our) ‘red bricks’. Going home was surely difficult, but what lay after going home was even more painful. We missed our late night assignment submissions, Maggi with friends, case discussions and most of all our ‘Life at IMT’. It took two weeks for us to settle down in our new routine of going to bed early and running to our internships in the morning. SIP for most of us gave a sense of how life would be once people started addressing us as MBA grads. Carrying with us a lot of lessons learnt during the SIP, and a lot of plans in mind, all of us went back to the place which had by now become our second home.

Travelling 35 Kms north-west of Nagpur, the very first sight of ‘red bricks’, filled us with immense joy.

– Meenu Mynam

PGDM (Batch 2010-12)