16th June 2013. My train drags into the orange city, Nagpur, and the first thing I notice is the rain. The soft pattering on the windows and the drops sliding down. It was very pleasantly cool; a contrast to the sweltering heat of the north. The taxi which was supposed to take me and a few friends to the college was waiting just outside the railway station so it basically meant that we had to somehow dump our hulking luggage bags in the car boot and start the journey. The cab drivers, who mostly cater their services to us, the IMTians, know us by our names and are very much a part of our story at IMT. The college being situated about 30 kms away from the Nagpur city needs such private services for some work or the other. As soon as we stuffed every inch of the car boot with the luggage, we started our journey to the college. All I could think the entire journey was that finally I’ve come back to where I started this journey last year. A journey which started by shifting from Chandigarh to Nagpur with a sole aim of completing the PGDM course and learning along the way. The 30 km journey from the railway station to the college passed away chatting with the friends and catching up on the gossip, talking to the cab driver and looking at the lush green farms and grounds outside the window. As soon as we saw the “Red Bricks” , a sense of belongingness took over me. Friends who already had reached college greeted us with cheer and hugs, met the guards and they smiled at us too. It felt so welcoming and it felt good to be back. I met a few more friends when I reached my hostel, claimed my room and deposited my luggage there.  I and a few friends went to the mess, met the mess in charge, ate our first breakfast of our second year at IMT and gobbled down two Aloo Paranthas. IMT is a life in itself. A life so vibrant that it absorbs you and paints you in its own color. You’ll want to be a part of the life here and live it till the last day of the two years of your course. The lush green football ground and the golf course, the faculty and the academic block, the Sunshine Gate and our very own student hostels. These are the places where we sit, talk, play and learn. This is the place where we make new friends, miss home and learn to handle the responsibilities. The second year is going to be eventful and critical too. I am hoping the best and I am going to smile, I’ve come home, away from home. 

Supriya Jain

Batch 2012-14