The Winner, Who Lost

The shattered glass on the floor shined with sun rays falling on it. Ajit stared at the glass pieces and wondered where life has taken him. He was sitting at his New York office which was located at the busy streets of Manhattan, he couldn’t have asked for more when he had the job people dreamt for. He was just 26, the youngest executive manager in his company. Last Night he didn’t go back to his flat. He was busy finishing the work at night, just then his sister called but before she could say anything Ajit said “Veena, I will call you later, right now I am a little occupied with work”, he was occupied with work for almost next 2 hours. It was around 3 am when he got free, he was really tired so he decided to call Veena next morning. He was leaving his cabin when he got text from Veena which simply stated “Maa no more”. He didn’t know how to react; he lost his breath for a fraction of a second. He just took the glass on his table and thew it on the wall and he broke into tears. Neither did he call back Veena nor did he go back to his flat. He knew the voice note which his mom would send him every day wouldn’t be waiting for him on his landline number. It had been 6 years since Ajit had been staying away from home for different reasons. He belonged to city called Dehradun in India. After 12th, he moved to Mumbai for his Graduation and Post-graduation. He was always a genius, he didn’t want the life his family lived, he was focused in his goals, he worked day and night, but with time the distance between him and his family increased. The madness to achieve success became his obsession. It was back in his graduation time when his sister was getting married and he decided not to go just because he was working on his project competition which would get him some cash amount. With time his parents were always congratulated for having a son who was achieving so much in life at such a young age. The madness to achieve lot of things made him forget that his family was waiting for him on every holiday just to spend some good moments with him. His dad eventually gave up and accepted that his son has his own world where now they hardly mattered. His sister Veena also gave up as she could see that her younger brother who told her every silly happening in his life wouldn’t even speak to her once in a month.  But in all these years it was just his mother who never thought this way, she would do every little thing to make him happy in his busy schedule. She used to write to him in spite of knowing the fact that she won’t get a reply. She learned to use the computer just so she could video chat with Ajit though he barely spoke to her for 5 minutes, that too in a month. Once he moved to New York, his mom knew that the timings are going to be hard to manage, so she started sending voice mails on his flat landline so every night he went back he would listen to his mother’s message and go to sleep with a smile. All of this came rushing to his mind like pieces just like the glass of pieces which were lying on floor. Tears now dried up on his face, he knew  he wouldn’t be able to see his mother. He realized that in a rush of success he forgot that what mattered the most is the content feeling within. He knew that what has been done can’t be changed but he still has the chance to get a bit of full he has lost. He took the next flight to India and went straight to his house in Dehradun, the atmosphere was gloomy.  Veena opened the door, she was shocked to see him but she hugged his little brother and both cried, there was a lot to take in but his silence was talking loud to convey his emotions. He still remember what one of the voice note by his mother said few days back “Ajit it’s been a while you haven’t replied to my message, I know you are busy but it’s been 2 week you haven’t replied, I understand life there is busy, but I want you to know one thing, you may achieve lot of things in life but if you can’t achieve happiness in life none of the success matters, you are still young but with time you will realize that gazing at stars is sometimes much more beautiful than the glamour’s decorated walk way. Sooner or later star rushing for content of happiness.” And this time Ajit wasn’t going to give up. He was a winner who lost something but he decided to run the race again just for his mother.

It’s high time we realize the worth of life, we get just one life. Yes,  it is necessary to work hard to achieve goals but you need your people to celebrate those achieved goals, money can buy a lot of things but not the smile which your dear ones have when you achieve your goals. You get one life so travel, explore, live. The real essence is waiting for you somewhere.

Prashma Patel | PGDM 2016-18

Prashma Patel