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The Two Slices of Expectation

It is quite fascinating to see how people develop a certain kind of expectation from you, especially when you’re not obligated to any sort of covenant with them.

It’s rather peculiar how the human mind works. If expectations were really everything, where would the creative souls fly to feel the breeze over their wings? You may expect something out of desire, but irrespective of whether you work towards it or not, your level of expectation acts as a catalyst to imbibe a taste of contingency. What if you had high expectations to achieve something but instead, you had to settle for mediocrity? On the contrary, how would one feel if they expect a cookie but receive a box full of cupcakes?

During my internship in Bangalore, I often noticed an almsman sitting under a huge Banyan tree. While at it, all he could do was raise his hands with meagre hope, expecting a dime in his bowl. I observed his plight for a few days and decided to give him two slices of bread from my leftover meal. The next day when I met him, he raised his hands in the same mechanical manner and looked at me with eyes full of hope. I placed two slices of bread in his palm and without a word he raised it upwards, murmured a few words and started eating it. This routine continued for a good two months!

There were many who walked past him, but it was only for me that he raised his hands with an anticipation of something more than a dime. Yes, a hope that a stranger fostered in him when he expected nothing but the least. Every morning, all he wanted was to fill his bowl just enough to live another day. Yet, when he saw me from a distance, his inner loins growled at the thought of some food, an expectation which he craved every day.

Now that I’ve left Bangalore, I wonder what the beggar does. Does he still sit there with a hope that I would come by and give him two slices of bread to relinquish his hunger? Sometimes when you kindle certain expectations, you indirectly incite a sense of liability towards them in your mind. So is it bad to spark expectations?

At the end of the day, not every person dreams to change the world. For some, it’s just the simple things in life that are valuable. People often say, “Expect nothing and appreciate everything”; well now that is definitely a topic for debate because,

“You can only expect the best when you go through the worst”

It’s good to keep expectations in life, as long as they align with your reality.

So, are you waiting for your two slices of bread?

Rubin Mathew Alex | PGDM 2016-18

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