The Tidy Room

It was laborious to comprehend whether his wandering eyes were looking for something left behind or they were crying because immeasurable memories were left behind. Scanning his room, he desperately wished he had forgotten something so that he can come back looking for the lost bits.

With his bags all packed and his feet all set to leave the room he had spent two years in, Rumi was fetching for reasons to stay. This place had given him much more than just an MBA degree- irreplaceable people, infinite lessons and most of all, his passion and his dream. He was astounded how he felt so responsible and ambitious when just a few minutes ago, he was his folks’ careless kid, his friends’ mischievous buddy and his teachers’ ‘the funny one of the class’.

Rumi had been living his life to the fullest. He never knew he was making memories for himself and so many others… He was taking so much with him that he didn’t realise he was leaving so much behind… until the day he was leaving.

Standing at the door of his room knowing that it’s the last time he would be there, Rumi closed his eyes while a drop of tear rolled down his cheek. A slideshow of the orange diary and its flipping pages flashed in front of his eyes. The orange diary… his book of memories of his college. Rumi made sure that he noted down whatever he had been through that day but who would have thought that the orange diary was much more than his fights with his roommate, his love affair with the prettiest woman alive, his scholarship or his placement. His life at the college could never have been captured in those limited pages.

Rumi always kept his room messed up, a bottle of coke with a lost cap, those leftover bread crumbs, dirty shoes upside down and classroom notes lying crumbled around. The only thing that remained tidy was that ‘fresh-as-day-one’ pile of books, some still covered in cellophane paper. That day, all that could be seen in the room was nothing but stocked up memories and it punched a hole in his heart to see the vacant vast emptiness.

With tears in his eyes, knowing that this is a new beginning, he dragged his last bag of luggage outside his room and shut that door for one last time.

Mansi Rayat | PGDM 2016-18