Experience, IMT Nagpur

The Summary

In this reckless paced world, everything needs to be fast, short and crisp. People always talk about summarizing things. No extra details and no special terms and conditions. So here’s a summary of the learning that I took from my 1st year of MBA and B-School Life (or how I refer to it: It’sMyTruth). These words, if put in a straight meaningful sentence can gauge a lot of worth from this one year of topsy-turvy ride. Listing these, because “Summary”!

CGPA’s are mere digits and numbers added to give quantity to your resumes and not quality. They are never a priority. People totally go for the hard work you put in.

Since, in the end it all comes down to a single word. The one word, the lives of all those involved in an MBA program, revolves around: Placements. Accordingly, one’s confidence and street-smartness has a direct relation to the “offer” that these placements have in return.

MBA definitely means a big no-no to rote learning or mugging up, but a bigger yes-yes to active reading. Being up-to-date is a must because practicality matters more.

Presentation is the key for everything in this town. People who present themselves and their work well, are totally one step ahead because here action is demanded with words.

There’s a lot of growing up involved from graduation school to B-School. Not everything that is written in books is applied here. Much rather pick up a case study and work upon it for greater learning.

A Business School adds up to a few things like these:

People believe in word of mouth. If one person knows it, so does everyone else. So might as well, make use of it because here, words catch fire faster than paper.

There is an abundance of opportunities, for a person to make it or break it. They generally turn out to be not so positive. Therefore, making constructive use of these forums, committees or the platform is a know-how. They are the stepping stones to the unknown professional world. And thus, ALWAYS draw a line between professional and personal live.

Never judge a book by its cover, but if someone says it is genuinely not good, believe that too. It is very important to maintain balance between trusting and judging people.

Talking about books, an abode called Library can never go wrong. Learning never stops and books only add to it.

It is the conduct and demeanor of students that drives the college to greater heights. A little push every now and then is required for everyone!

There’s never a right time to learn something new. NOW is what is important. NOW is where it all begins. Here’s to learning something new every day and making the most out of it!

Archit Narsaria | PGDM 2016-18