The Sin

Note: [This story has some lines mentioned in first bracket ().These lines will help the readers understand the scene and the insights of the character’s thought process Everything is fictional.]

“Yeah. (Long pause). I don’t accurately remember but it was year 2019. The year that flipped my entire life. I was too young back then and eventually we were not doing that great. I mean, how do you expect a teenager to behave in such situations? Well, (Coughs) I went through that terrifying period of experiencing death every second for those six months when I was in coma, but… his thought, his name, his smell haunted me even in my deepest, darkest unconscious sleep. I knew I would end up killing him one day. I was destined to!”


Breaking news! A new angle has been introduced to Mr. Ralph’s murder mystery.

Hello Citizens, this is Ashley reporting live from the Alfreda Brain Hospital where FBI interrogated Miss Whitney who has been reported to attain consciousness two hours back. It is assumed that the 68 year old Miss Whitney, suffering from Alzheimer’s and partial hallucinations has brutally murdered Mr. Ralph, the billionaire to whom we owe the change in the world of technology. It has been 25 years since he died.

(….Continued interrogation)

Question 3. Do you want us to read Ralph’s diary?

(Pause. No answer from the other end)

Whitney, are you listening? We have your husband’s diary. We are reading some lines to you.

“Four years no calls and now she is looking pretty at the hotel bar”…and the music continued while the daiquiri shots made me stare at her continuously. It appeared like every word of that song and every other song that followed at the restaurant was made for her, was dedicated to us. She…looked beautiful. No, it was not just her mere poised body. It was like a goddess sitting there, some fairy whose aroma, charm, mystery makes you swallow your spit. And your body can feel that saliva going down through your food pipe, giving you shrills, making you want to jump from the highest mountain from where the fountain flows, to being lost in that fog where the god resides.

She made me uncomfortable…

Miss Whitney, what happened that night? Do you remember this meeting with Mr. Ralph. We suspect that you were intentionally present there at the bar. Was marrying him a part of your murder plan? Or did you suffer any kind of abuse post marriage? Are you listening to us?

Mr. Robbert I think she is not in a state to listen to us anymore. We should stop before her condition worsens. I feel sorry for her, after all look at this almost dead body. A face which was once ‘fairy-like’ is now roofed with wrinkles. Eyes, so small and dark as if she had been crying since ages. Look at her shuddering old hands, which totally deny her history of being a strong tough beautiful lady. Carefully notice her pale face and those purple lips that have permanently taken the shape of an inverted U. A goddess like body now turned immovable, motionless, like she has never belonged to that high class women to whom the society greets with respects and adores their personality.

(The doctor enters… the patient is taken to another room)

Doctor: We have some really outrageous news for you people. Last week, while the lady was in coma, her brain cells showed some strange activity in the monitor. She started hallucinating. We have video recorded all that she murmured in her dream. Come with us to the conference room. Miss Whitney is already there.

(In the room.)

Before we hand over to you these final evidences, let us inform you that she hallucinated talking to Mr. Ralph’s Skeleton. This tape is really disturbing and we hope that any part of the clip is not disclosed to the general public. Also, the entire mystery will be solved once you watch the video.

FBI- Go ahead.

(The video begins, Whitney is observing herself on the screen. She is lying down on a bed. Almost like a dead figure. The voice in the video is old, cracked and choking.)

It is 1 a.m. in the night. She is on her bed, deep asleep with wires connecting from her heart and hand to the monitor. Suddenly the heartbeat movement changes. Her heart start beating real fast!

Her hand goes up. She starts speaking in an angry tone.

“So here you are. The skeleton of my husband. Only if I could rip off your eye socket and crush all your bones to powder. Come on, you died without answering me. Give me the answer else I will ….”

(And then there is silence. 5 minutes later…she again starts talking. This time her voice is soft, polite and she is weeping.)

Ralph, darling come back. I am crying. They have kept me in prison. Take me home. Let me make your favorite waffles for breakfast. (Weeping and sobbing) take me to the beautiful world you promised. But answer my question…why did you…. (And she sleeps)

The doctor breaks the awkward silence and pain that spread in that conference room.

Doctor: I know there are many questions on your mind. We have an answer to all of them.

(And he starts another video of Miss Whitney where she is talking to Ralph, in person.)

Ralph, why did you put me in coma when I came running to you to confess my love? Why was I given that injection? Why did you spoil my life? I cannot describe the pain I went through when you raped me. You raped a dead looking body. You raped me every other day and I couldn’t even scream. My body couldn’t rebel. I have always loved you. You made me helpless. You made a girl helpless. You made humanity helpless. You deserved to die!

Tears rolled down Miss Whitney’s eyes when she saw herself on the screen. Tears rolled down everybody’s eyes. No one can ever pen down that moment. No one can ever describe what those people felt like when they saw the old lady took her last breathe, freeing herself from the prison to the world where she was happily welcomed as a fairy. The world, where her prince charming kept her happily ever after!

Isha Rajput | PGDM 2016-18