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The Right Attitude

I bet each one of us has thought at some point of time in their life, about what makes us unique. Which are those factors that makes us stand out and perhaps which are those, which we lack? Of course, the bigger question in this regard is how we differentiate ourselves towards becoming a more successful individual, personally and in our career.

Let’s look at it from a business prospective. How do brands differentiate themselves to stand out in the crowd? I first thing that I notice when I look at big firms, is that they constantly challenge the limits and assumptions that inhibit them to grow. The brands break away from the norms and disrupt the status quo to capture our attention and this strategy pays off more often than not. But yes, the brands do take care about how they showcase their products and features. Second is perhaps the tact and insightful way of communicating with the target audience without actual conversations. The advertisements and the various products, promotions all speak out to us, consumers and we are naturally drawn towards it. Take the craze for Apple products or Starbucks coffee to understand what I mean.

If I can take specific examples, the way Pepsi showcases its drinks, with sports athletes and teams, it highlights the type of consumers that it is targeting, i.e. the young and energetic ones who are ready to play, sweat and the end of the day enjoy a cold beverage to cool off. Coca Cola on the other hand, talks of “open happiness” in its advertisements. This gives us a sense of togetherness and bonding of families and individuals over the carbonated drinks. Thumbs Up is perhaps very evident with their branding, aiming to pull adventurous people who would rather create a stir around them.  Hence, we can see through the branding and advertisements that both giants are targeting different segments.

When we draw similarities between these companies and us, we find that the kind of behavior and reaction we show towards others, brand us. The unique thoughts that we share, the witty one liners we can come up with or the way we see situations, defines us. Even the way we look at problems in our lives, the way we prioritize the activities in life and our action, they all really matter.

The unique features in each one of us comes out in every verbal and non-verbal communication that we engage in. Even if we are not aware of ourselves, others notice us and create perceptions. For e.g. in times of trouble, if one shows the way out of it, we know he/she possesses the maturity and temperament to handle difficult situations as compared to another who only cribs about it and cannot see beyond.

Keeping a track of how we are being branded by people is tricky, but not difficult. The way we conduct ourselves is what makes us unique and stand out. We, just like the brands, must challenge the stagnation and embrace growth. Learn, develop and push oneself beyond the comfort zone. The attitude that we carry, matters.

When the firms market and brand the products so carefully, why don’t we take a clue from it? The answer really lies in having the “right attitude”.

– Anjan Kumar Merkap | PGDM 2015-17