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The Red Fort of Katol Road

There is a Red fort in the capital city,
one that we all see and surely know.
But there is another one in Nagpur,
the one to which many wish to go.

Away from the confines of the concrete jungle,
into an unending expanse of everlasting green.
There lies a beautiful fortress of learning,
a place to which, only the ambitious have been.

A place where boys turn into men,
and ladies emerge from girls that come.
Where success is written as a legacy,
amongst butterflies that float and birds that hum.

This is the centre of learning and growth,
and for future leaders, their sole abode.
It is none other than IMT Nagpur,
The Red fort of Katol Road.

Rahul Saraf | PGDM 2017-19

Rahul Saraf