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The Pursuit of Solace

Be it in professional or personal life, we all come across situations where we get defeated. Situations where we lose something or someone that we hold close to our hearts. Dreams, ambitions, all of it seems to vanish in a split second. What happens next? What do we do next? Do we even survive the setback? Do we find solace?

The answer is a ‘Yes’ as well as a ‘No’. I have been witness to both sides of the coin, many people tide over the setback and many do not. In the words of Winston Churchill “A man does what he must in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles, dangers and pressures” and I personally know someone who exemplifies these words. He is an individual who endured failure on the professional front and also lost his love but still kept going on.

He was a race car driver who was sponsored to race professionally. Being a rookie and competing against the defending champion, nobody expected him to perform any miracle. However, what set him apart was his bravery; and just like all brave people, he possessed the spark of insanity. He did what others labelled impossible and passed where there was no gap. He marched on in spite of being penalized thrice and needed just one point to win the championship. Leading the last lap at the last corner, victory seemed inevitable but fate had other plans. One of the back-markers lost his brakes and collided with him; taking him and his dream out of the equation. The accident and injuries that followed robbed him of his career. When he woke up at the hospital, there was a dark realization; he knew that all that he lost would never come back again. When he saw the championship title in the hands of another person and knew that he would never be able to contend for it again, he no longer felt the pain of broken bones and ripped muscles. He cursed himself every day saying, “I should have been four seconds in front of him rather than one. It is I who is responsible for this”.

Despite the heart-wrenching loss, he moved on and switched over to a different career in the search of solace, never forgetting what had happened. From the exterior, he seemed fine but his memories kept haunting him. Unexpected as it was, someone entered his life and stole his heart. As the phrase goes- it was love at first sight; without knowing who she was or where she was from. None of it mattered to him and in a bold decision, he did what he thought was necessary. He professed his love to her, fully aware of the fact that she might have her heart elsewhere. As fate would have it, there was someone else in her life. Respecting her, he let himself out of her life, pretending that none of it had ever happened. This time it did not break his bones but his heart. I had to ask him, “doesn’t it hurt you?” and he replied, “It doesn’t just hurt, it burns me to know that those deep brown eyes of hers are seeing someone else and not me. It doesn’t matter what I tell her because she is in love with him; I loved her unconditionally and will continue to do so until I am. Come whatever may, right now I have to keep going.”

Saying this, he walked on while carrying a burden on his shoulders, not letting himself forget what had happened and not letting others know. He kept revisiting the places where he lost his dream and his love. He called them sacred and he knew he was still far away from peace; still in the pursuit of solace.

Harshal Patil | PGDM 2017-19