The Maleficent Benediction

There is nothing big and relevant in the world, as admirably as a juggernaut in the specific department called Education. In today’s high paced ingratiated world, we have somewhere left behind the true enlightenment of ‘minds’ that work to reveal the inexplicable predispositions of what we call Nature and the rightful ways to elicit how it works. The human mind is meant to perform within an angstrom of nanoseconds; but think with a deep breath, aren’t we preparing a thing more than a dog’s dinner? Is this what differentiates us than the unsecured animals whose primary target is prey, prey and only prey? Well, what are we trying to learn in this world where the essence of time seems running with awe, yet the mind seems to be converged towards a pitch black desire? Meretricious beauties are planting the seed of nickel that are taking us far from what our wonderful mind can think of.

The question isn’t about how we are conquering our education andragogy, but how well we are turning the black-holes into a supernova. The entire society is flooded with the ‘markings concept’ which could perhaps determine how strong your feet can hold your body. Well this makes me drool over the time of our primordial. Copernicus never had GPS to help him in brainstorming which is circling what. Archimedes never had ultra-software devices to ponder upon the nook and corner of any material to measure. Halley didn’t have Google to consult actual timings when he could finally see his friendly comet arriving back again. What instigated them is the brainstorming efforts, bagged by some ultracrepedarianism. They had a pastiche of varied knowledge and therefore carpet-bombarded their era with profound understanding of what they have achieved. Their intentions were to generate and regenerate something that they wanted to know, for them and for us as well.

Don’t you think in this highway of life, we have only been counterfeiting what they have already prepared? Lest, David Childress has expressed in his book ‘The Technology of the Gods’ that the primordial were much more advanced in their times compared to us. Same added by Georgio Tsoukalos, Stephen Hawking, Hiroshi Ishiguro and many eminent of today’s world. All is that, they created history, we, ironically, are on a dereliction.

What is this life when your life is embroidered with the intaglio of marks while philosophy and application is buried below the crust? We are acting as the alchemists of nihilism where meaning of things aren’t of greater importance. Life is all about philosophy. Stand under the night-sky and think what parameters you know about it. You will realize where the universe is and where you stand. This human mind is a gift and cannot be irrevocably governed with timid papers called certificates.

The above passage is my soliloquy. It is the audience who can unclip the allusion and realise what the mind has to offer. Education is a very symbolic asset for a formidable mind and should be pertained with philosophy, inquisitiveness and application. Sophocles had already mentioned long back of what a wonderful creation our mind is and where we are on the verge of fitting it today.

Dhiman Deb | PGDM 2016-18