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The Little Things

While changing homes from one place to another, I’ve often wondered what it is that helps me to be comfortable wherever I go. I’ve come to a beautiful realization now; it is mostly the little things in life that matters. Even here at IMT Nagpur, I have found my group of little things that make me feel comfortable and connected to this place, quickly.

The first on the list is the beauty of this campus. ‘So much greenery in the middle of nowhere’ was my first thought as I entered the campus. The pathway, with its gentle slope and speed bumps is like the life we lead here. A long road leading to endless opportunities with some hindrances along the way, placed here to remind us to slow down and take a moment to look around and enjoy the journey to success. IMT Nagpur also has some amazing views to offer. Looking across the football field, you’ll be awed by how the tall green trees meet the blue skies. They look like they’ve just been painted- different shades of green and blue, depending on whether it’s a bright sunny day or a damp and rainy one. It’s the kind of place where your camera won’t stop clicking and the poet in you gets inspired, especially during the rains!

The tiny white flowers, on the bright green bushes outside my hostel building, with their daub of yellow in the center, have made me smile from the very first day. I even have a picture of me with one of them in my hair. I plan to preserve one of them and take it along with me when I leave this place, as a reminder of the beauty and simplicity that this place has offered.

Have you ever tried standing barefoot on the grass? Try it sometime, if you may. Walk barefoot on the lush green grass in the campus and literally feel connected to nature and mother Earth. If it’s right after the rains, then it is even better. The cooling effect it has on you is an instant mood lifter.

There is something about the spirit of this place including the people you meet here and the staff that try and make this place a home for all. A smile from the security guards at 4 am, a ‘thank you’ from the staff working in the mess, a kind word from the housekeeper, even the soft purr of the cats; they all make me believe that there’s something almost divine and spiritual about this place. As if, it has a soul of its own and it just breathes kindness and warmth into the lives of its inhabitants.

Stop sometime, while you rush to grab that cup of coffee. Hug a friend. Feel the wind in your hair. Close your eyes and feel the sunshine on your face. Let that rain drop tickle your nose. Smile at a stranger and wish them well. Wake up early on a Sunday and watch the sunrise. Jump in puddles after the rains and feel like a kid again. Stop. Stop and take a look around. After all, it’s the little things that matter in life.

Ameera Raiza | PGDM 2017-19