The Little Pink Diary

Soniya had always been like sunshine in everyone’s life, wherever she went, happiness followed. Her all-time chubby and chatty nature would keep people engaged and her never ending energy was her strength. She believed in living life like a king and irrespective of any prevailing sad situation, her positivity would spread magic all around.

But was it the complete reality? Can someone always be so happy? Was her life so magical?

The answer to all the questions is, “NO”.

All this was what the world saw but inside she was messed up. She had no idea what was going on and where her life was leading.  She just kept walking with the flow. Wherever the road would take her, she would go without questions but was unable to find that one destination…that one goal. Clueless, she kept going and going, thinking someday somewhere she will be able to figure out what is right and what is wrong.

Currently, every way left or right, was just right. These pathways were never full of roses, and thorns always came as a partner. But her confidence was what kept her fighting with the competitive world.

Although she was winning battles with her smile and self-assurance, yet her inner self was dissatisfied, she wanted to discover her identity, her individuality.

The search was on, trying new things was her passion, and she did that. From painting to writing, singing to dancing, running to sleeping or even cooking or travelling like a hippy.

Everything made her happy and learning came as a reward yet there was something missing. It was the peace of mind.

All through this journey she did just one thing. She didn’t even realize that she had been looking for something. Looking for her diary where she had written poems and thoughts.

The little pink diary was inked with the scribbled stories of people she met, experiences she had, things she learned. She wrote like never before, her scribbles were like inspiring stories. The little diary was the answer to “I don’t know what to do in life”.

Serenity she was looking for was hidden in her “Inked pen”.

Years later, while walking on the roads still lost and confused, her diary got misplaced. She fumbled, cried, ran from here to there in search of that diary. She felt she had lost her heart somewhere, that moment was the moment of realization, where her heart and mind got to know that writing is what gave her joy and happiness.

There she danced like a free bird, because she had explored her inner self. The Blue inked pen and the pink diary were her uniqueness.

Srishti tejwani | PGDM Batch 2016-18

Shrishti Tejwani