The Final Au- Revoir

Too many things to be sensitive about and in the end it just leaves you cold and a little hollow from inside, the last Winter in my favorite town, last Conversation with a few people I cared about, a Party I never wanted to miss, a Home to vacate and a Train to catch that I so wanted to miss!

I’d better ignore it all and look back and smile when I’m over it!

As soon as I finished writing my journal I heard the horn blaring for the fifth time, the driver had been waiting for me for the past 25 minutes. I checked the apartment for the last time. There was something I thought I had missed packing, but the apartment looked empty replicating exactly how I felt.

It did not seem like I ever stayed there. Everything looked so different. I left the apartment without a second thought and rushed towards the car only to assure the driver that I had been packing for past 30 minutes.

As the car stopped by my college, memories of my first day flashed through my mind. How uncertain I was, wondering about how life would be in the four years only to realize now, maybe the best part was the journey.

The sight of a girl running past my car towards the college gates flooded my mind with memories. and suddenly I felt peaceful and content after the long mind battle. Feeling the way I used to feel four years back. A little carefree and simple.

It then dawned on me that we should keep what we learn from our experiences but never let that unguarded feeling drift away, because that’s what makes us so unique and beautifully vulnerable. After all it’s said that greatest generosity is non attachment.