Student Stories

The Deception in Disguise

“Much of what was said did not matter and that much of what mattered could not be said”- Katherine Boo

Isn’t it a problem with humans in general? Our species, having the best of evolution, yet is not able to express precisely. Animals, for example, are more expressive than humans. They are what they are, naked. Every animal has a characteristic attached to it; cheetah is brawny and agile, fox is cunning, elephant is calm and likewise, a dog is loyal. But what comes in your mind when we talk about homo-sapiens? As humans, we have different masks and skins for different circumstances. Often what we feel is not in congruence with what we speak. Not many of us master the art of verbal expression. Words are like a double edged sword, if you don’t use them wisely, you end up tarnishing the essence of the thought.
Time, always accompanies constraint, and if one doesn’t know how to make the right use of words, the moment is gone, and remorse is all that there is. Sometimes it takes a lot of words to convey a trivial thing and sometimes silence screams sagas.
What does it take to be more expressive? Courage? Perhaps. We are just a diminutive part of the population; we get influenced by the decisions of majority, by the age old customs, by the cultures that surround us, by the values of ‘right and wrong’. But who knows what is right and wrong? Who decides this? All that we do is, blindly go with the flow most of the times, without asking why. How do we know whether what we are doing is right? Who defines all this?
Convenience is the answer. Our mouths articulate the words as per the convenient right and convenient wrong. That’s where the concepts of truth and lie come into play, but the irony is that lips can be synced as per our will, eyes cannot. Eyes never deceive.

Resham Abrol | PGDM 2019-21