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The Confessions of a Shopaholic

The credit card, a magic wand that opens the door to a woman’s paradise, the mall! Why paradise? Because everything about a mall is attractive and beautiful! The smell of fancy perfumes, perfectly lined cosmetic counters, gorgeous dresses arranged to satiate your desires; all calling out, ‘TRY ME!’ Shh…! Not kidding, you can hear them!

Shopping is like a therapy. If you are sad, you shop; if you are happy, you shop; if you are bored, go ahead, shop! Basically, when in doubt, SHOP! It is like pampering yourself in the most earnest way. It makes you feel special. Be it the mall or just another commercial street, you only need your wallet and patience to feel like a queen who has it all. To top it all, e-commerce websites are like social services for all the lazy shoppers. They let you gift yourself a bundle of joy whenever you feel like it. It is like planning a surprise for yourself. The wait feels like ages but that rush of excitement you feel when you pick up the phone and hear the voice say ‘Madam, your parcel has arrived’, can’t be put into words.

Practically though, keys to our paradise do have some obvious limitations. That’s when the concept of window shopping presents itself. It is the preparation period for when your wish list is ready to be real. But beware! This journey is not easy as it is filled with distractions. On one side, these shop’s windows display the styles you’ve longed for and on the other, there comes a ping on your mobile flashing exclusive catalogues on sites, tempting you and testing your patience every now and then. Trust me, it gets so tough, like showing a hungry lion delicious meat it can’t have and it is so aggravating. I call this phase ‘The Adventure Period of a Shopper’ because we go on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Spotting a shopaholic in a crowd of genuine shoppers is easy. We are the ones with the most number of shiny shopping bags and a confused look on our face, fighting the question- satisfied or not? The weird part is that we know the answer but are always in denial. Everything about shopping is pretty and perfect. The only dilemma we shopaholics face is differentiating between what we want and what we need. It’s a constant war between feeling content and going on a guilt trip. Once the mind is made up it is either a bliss or a regret.

On a defensive note for this luxurious addiction, shopping is an eye-pleasing, self-satisfying means to increase one’s creative side in a more sophisticated way. So, to all the shopaholics, you should know that you are just helping the economy in a very subtle way which is not understood by many. Being part of the shopaholic community, I hereby stand by the quote of Marilyn Monroe- “Happiness is not in the money, but in the shopping”; and everyone deserves to be happy!!!

Shruti | PGDM 2017-19