The changing dynamics of academics

The bags have become lighter now. The shoulders are relieved. The weight-age of books has reduced. Reason: Learning methodologies have changed. Dependence on books is not the only learning factor now. A new phenomenon has enveloped the academic world. The phenomenon is Case-based-learning or Case Study as many would call it. Business schools are taking measured steps to inculcate this change in their academic rigour. IMT Nagpur has embraced it with open arms.

The task of a good business school is not to teach students, it is to make them learn. Learning in IMT Nagpur happens in an open environment. Student managers indulge in peer discussions and debates that bring the best out of them. The institute has one of the best library infrastructures in the form LRC (Learning Resource Centre), with a wide pool of academic books, journals, publications, magazines etc. The LRC forms the backbone of the institute and facilitates the new learning process. Case articles have taken the place of power point slides, the one way process of teacher-to-student communication has given way to healthy class discussions. In the context of case studies the student managers are given the miniature version of business processes and real life global scenario. The real test of a student manager is to think; think broad with an open mind. The challenge is to go beyond the necessary conventions and analyze the situation in what could be best describes as an “eye-opener”. The presence of diversity in this institute gives an edge to the discussions where people share their past experiences, learning and cultural values.

The case learning discussion extends beyond the four-walled classrooms and enters the lush green fields, the cafeteria, the lawns etc. The IT services available in the institute provide a primary support to the case learning, where CMIE, Bloomberg subscriptions etc aid in the academic process. The wind of change will always be there; today it is case methodology tomorrow there would be an even better learning opportunity; and IMT Nagpur has its gates open for it.

Hasan Armoghan

Batch – 2014-16