Student Stories

The Caged Bird

The table was scattered with myriad hues of colours. The room was lit to notice even the slightest of imperfections. There she sat, looking at herself, decked up in a bejeweled dress. The tiara on her head made her look like a princess, differing from the treatment she gets. Her perfectly done eyes didn’t give away the fact that she had been crying herself to sleep every night. The red lipstick sat pretty on her pout, hiding the fresh cut on her lower lip. She walked out of the room into the dark passageway and stood behind the curtain. With butterflies in her stomach, her lips trembled in silent prayer. It was time.

She stepped outside the curtain and transformed. Her chaînés and pirouettes and fouettés made the crowd gasp in wonder. The otherwise timid girl, shying away from everybody, now knows how to hold the attention of thousands. She glided with the music as if this was the most natural thing she can do. These were the only moments when she gets to control her each movement. These were the only moments when she lived. The music stopped, but the applause didn’t. Standing under the spotlight, she glowed from inside. This is where she belongs. On the Stage.

Ria Roychoudhury | PGDM 2019-21