Take a sneap peak at IMT-Nagpur’s campus life with Yugmala

What strikes your mind when we talk about Top Tier B-Schools?

A University-level institution that confers degrees in Business Administration and teaches topics such as accounting, administration, economics, finance, information systems, marketing, organizational behavior, public relations, strategy, human resource management, and quantitative methods. A community of business thinkers with sky high salaries, exuberating self-confidence and what not. Well that’s what the Wikipedia says!  But, in reality, life here at IMT-Nagpur offers much more than this. Here’s a sneak peak about IMT Nagpur campus life:

I could have said that a typical day starts at 8am but IMT never sleeps — its one stimulating, exciting and fun place to be in. With morning dailies arriving at your doorsteps followed by a quick breakfast mark the beginning of the day. The students then head for classes that are filled with lectures, presentations and various developmental sessions. IMT-N is a place that has something interesting happening every day. Be it volleyball, football, basketball, tennis, pool, cricket matches or Forum games, cultural events, quizzes and Guest lectures, — you name it, IMT-N will have it.

But this is only half the story….

IMT is not just about studies and group activities. It’s about learning through experience. It’s one place that allows the student managers to pursue their interest and follow their imaginations. Being a fully residential campus, the students, both seniors and juniors, and the faculty share a unique bond and all are like a family here. The infrastructure simply rocks and nightlife at IMT is even more rocking!

When I joined, I had heard that IMT is one B-School to be in and life there is amazing overall. Now after four months here I can vouch for it. From the orientation week to the selection of the committee for the Milestone and Navratras — each day offered a new learning, a new experience. It’s one place which inspires you to ask probing questions and discover innovative answers and makes you an architect of your own destiny.


Batch 2011-13