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Sun- Our Only God

Human history is abundant with carvings and writings, in the deepest parts of the oldest caves and areas as open and popular as the Pyramids of Giza, which reflect people’s respect and adoration towards the Sun. Every morning the Sun rises, bringing warmth and prosperity, the security of life, saving all the species from cold and defeating all the forms of darkness. Our civilization, way back, understood that without the Sun, the crops won’t grow, the life as we know on the planet won’t be the same but only more devastating.

Stars – The Only Disciples

At the beginning of our civilization, around 10 thousand B.C, people were also aware of the stars. People then always kept a proper track of stars which helped them in anticipating future events such as eclipses and full moons. Today what we know as the constellations, for people back then it was just a celestial group. Collectively known as Zodiac today, the images of the constellation are one of the oldest conceptual images on earth. The Zodiac reflects the course of the Sun over the 12 months of a year, the 4 seasons, the solstices and equinoxes. Understanding and observing the Zodiac carefully, we can see that how people personified the constellations as figures or animals. And they not only kept a proper track of stars and sun but they developed myths involving the movements and relationship of the Sun and the constellations. For example, the Sun is the ultimate life-giving source at the center and the 12 constellations are the different part of the year through which the Sun travels. The 12 constellations are always personified and named after the event at that particular time of year like Aquarius is the water bearer who brings the Rain (Spring).

The Sun & The Stars – The Ultimate Religion

Around 3000 B.C, the Egyptian civilization is marked with worshiping a God – Horus. Horus, for them, is the Sun god. The life giver, the ultimate source of strength for the earth. Horus also has an enemy known as Set. Set is personified as the darkness. Horus, every morning, would win the battle against Set and while in the evening the Set would defeat Horus and send him to the underworld. The battle of “Good v/s Bad”, “Dark v/s Light” always took a prime place in all the mythological stories of every religion.

Horus was born on 25th December to Virgin Isis-Meri, accompanied by a star in the east. He had 12 Disciples who traveled along with him to perform miracles like giving life to the dead. He was crucified and was brought back to life after 3 days. Whether these attributes of Horus are original or not, they still fit with the mythology of many religion. Like –

  1. Jesus, born on 25th December to Virgin Mary, accompanied by a star in the east. Performed miracles with 12 disciples, crucified and resurrected in 3 days.
  2. Dionysus of Greece, born to a virgin on 25th December, performed miracles with 12 disciples like turning water into wine and resurrected upon his death.
  3. Krishna, of India, Born to virgin Devaki with a star in the east that signaled his arrival. Performed miracles with his disciple and was resurrected upon his death.

The birth, the death and the resurrection along with the disciples and the star in the east are completely astrological. The brightest star in the east on the night of 24th December is Sirius. The Virgin Mary is the constellation Virgo. Virgo in Latin means virgin. And the other phenomenon to be noticed here is the winter solstice. During this period of the year, the days become shorter and colder. At the peak of the northern hemisphere, the Sun starts moving to the south and the days start getting shorter. After moving the south continuously for 6 months, the Sun reaches its lowest point on 22nd December. But after this, the Sun stops moving for 3 days and remains in the vicinity of the Southern Cross or “The Crus” constellation. On the auspicious day of 25th December, the Sun moves 1 degree and this time towards the north. Here, the days start getting longer, which means more warmth and soon arrival of spring. And the celebration of the resurrection is done on spring equinox or Easter, the time of the year when the Sun completely overpowers the darkness and the day time becomes longer.

Thus many mythological figures, as mentioned above, have many common features as the Sun. The Sun died (crucified) on the cross (the Crux constellation), died for 3 days and then resurrected after. The 12 disciples are the 12 constellations of the Zodiac. Now we know that the Sun is the ultimate God. Our only source of life, the truth, the Good, the light and our protector from the Evil.

Ajinkya Bhosle | PGDM 18-20