Summer Internship At NELCO Ltd.

My internship at Nelco Ltd was a dream opportunity for me to work and experience the prestigious Tata culture. Nelco is a part of the $70 billion Tata Group which started in 1940 as a revolutionary electronics company. An interesting fact about Nelco is that, Mr. Ratan Tata started his career at this firm as an intern after completing his post-graduation studies.

Internship at Nelco Ltd

Nelco, headquartered at Navi Mumbai, at its present capacity, helps enterprises and government departments to unlock potential backed by proven expertise in consulting, system integration and end-to-end management in satellite connectivity and surveillance.

I yearn to tirelessly work in the field of consulting and management and did exactly the same thing at Nelco. I worked as a Business Analyst under Mrs. Pooja Johar, who headed the Strategy, Risk and Analytics Division. My mentor had already chalked out a clear plan, on the projects that I was to be involved in. She remembered my case based telephonic interview and had allotted me projects accordingly.

The first project involved finding the VSAT attractiveness index for the construction industry for Nelco. Majority of the revenues of Nelco came from a handful of sectors like financial and petrochemical. The company was looking to diversify into other sectors to increase market presence. I was to provide a preliminary report on the viability of the Indian Construction Industry. It took a lot of reading and research about the kind of projects that are currently undertaken. Also, the biggest infrastructure companies there were involved had to be pinpointed for further analysis.

As if weekdays were not enough, weekends were packed too, but in a rather pleasing way. Being in Mumbai for the first time, I made sure that I traveled to a new place each weekend. The local trains were a real nightmare at first however, you get used to the different routes and the crowd after a while. The best part of the city however has to be the sea front, both; Gateway of India and Marine Drive.

Back at the office, another project was handed in a few weeks’ time which revolved around finding out about “Block-chain Technology” and its disruptive power in the financial space. As a large chunk of Nelco’s clients are financial firms, anything that would affect them, would affect Nelco. This was a really interesting project and gave me a real understanding of how firms have to keep an agile mind towards the disruptive change that we all talk about!

My mentor was probably one of the most dynamic personalities I have come across. She reports directly to the CEO, Mr P. J. Nath and hence always under a pile of work. Despite that, she made sure she had time to review my progress and correct me when required. She was really patient with my inquisitive nature and explained me elaborately how the company and industry functioned.

The third project that I was involved in was Customer Profiling Analytics. This was probably the toughest assignment of the three but provided an amazing learning curve. I got to experience first-hand the potency of analytics that we talk about, while working on this project. The raw data provided to me was a complete mess and it took weeks to prepare the data for analysis. Once all the data was ready, I sat with my mentor, where we booked the conference room and went through an entire week just to analyse all the data and make sense of it.

There were times when I was on the edge, working frantically to meet a given deadline and then some, when I would end up listening to old office-tales from some of the senior members. Believe it or not! There is a 40 year old printer in working condition, which was a sort of memorabilia for all the staff at the office.

My experience at Nelco was hectic in certain regards but was fun as well. The summer internship was a sneak peek into how top managements create and decide upon strategies. There were numerous learning which I will carry forward in my future endeavors.

Anjan Kumar Merkap | PGDM 15-17