“Study and enjoy at IMT Nagpur. It’s the only time you have before life takes you on a TOPSY-TURVY RIDE!” by Megha Ghai, Officer-HR, NTPC Ltd, Alumna IMT Nagpur, 2007-09

Megha Ghai is a brilliant example of the fact that an IMT Nagpur student can never be stereotyped. Megha came to IMT Nagpur with a Masters degree in English. It is generally accepted that a Masters in English is not really a great start to a Management career. Not only did Megha shatter this myth, but went on to be the Gold medalist of her batch of 2007-09 at IMT Nagpur.

“In hindsight, the professors, the faculty, the infrastructure and the environment of IMT Nagpur, are all tuned to one common goal – make performance enjoyable. That is perhaps the reason why I never felt like I was slogging at IMT Nagpur, and found it unbelievable that I had scored a 9.5 percentile.”

It is common to find batch-topper of IMT Nagpur, land some plum assignment with a corporate house, or give wings to a high-profile entrepreneurial ambition. Yet again, Megha Ghai broke the stereotype by opting out of campus placements at IMT Nagpur; instead aspiring for a government job. She got through what is arguably the best HR setup in the Public Sector – NTPC Limited. After one year of training in NTPC, she joined the Badarpur thermal power station. Today, as Officer-HR, Megha has the onerous task of taking care of the Separation Cell. Megha feels that more than her HR skills, her Marketing skills acquired from IMT Nagpur, come handy to her at NTPC.

“It is nothing like the perceived 9-5 government job!” Megha offers with a laugh. “My costumers are internal. Most of them are superannuated, 60 yrs of age, have been with NTPC all their lives, and come with their own set of complications. Speaking to them, describing their separation terms to them, and making them believe in what you are saying, and that their rights and dues are secure, is a trying task. It’s a story that is repeated day in and day out, with nearly 30 to 40 people retiring on a monthly basis. But, I like this organization; I love people there. Badarpur was initially facing some pensioners’ backlog, which we have been able to take care of. With the newer generation, people with newer knowledge and principles have come into the Public Sector. We have been working really hard. In NTPC, the timings are flexible as compared to other companies. The only exception for being a lady is that we are not asked to work in office after 5.30; but yes, we have to complete our target.”

She advises her juniors at IMT Nagpur to avoid stereotyped mindsets.

“Study and enjoy at IMT Nagpur. It’s the only time you have, before life takes you on a topsy-turvy ride!”