Student Stories


Offering an enriching degree program that allows students to grow into great professionals is expected of good colleges today. Creating an environment in the campus that nurtures learning even outside the classroom is a choice that few institutions make. IMT – Nagpur always put students at the top of the priority and encourage them to aim for the top and prepare to be the best.

At IMT-Nagpur, student enterprises are of two kinds – cells and clubs & committees. The cells are student bodies that engage with industry in different aspects and aim to bridge the gap between industry professionals’ demand and supply. The clubs & committees, on the other hand, are student groups that are focused on co-curricular activities for, of, and by the students. The sheer diversity of clubs & committees allows students to explore their personalities and facets. 

There are around 35+ cells at IMT-Nagpur, serving different purposes and strengthening the institute-industry relationship. These range from Placement Committee, Corporate Communication Committee, Corporate Interaction Committee, Alumni Committee, Milestone Committee, International Relations Committee, Student Research Society, and CCIZ–The Corporate Citizens, IMT N MUN – Model United Nations to many more. These committee allows students to understand real corporate life problems, work in a team and solve them.

Whether you are a dancer, music enthusiast, sportsperson, or lover of any other art form, IMT-Nagpur offers a student community like Hypnotics – The Dance Forum, In Shades- the Fine Arts clubs, Mess Committee, QUIZWISER, Rangmanch, Sports Committee, Toastmasters Club and many more. This will help you grow your skills and engage with fellow students with the same interests. Each of these circles offers an environment of respite from the academic activities where students sit together and let out their artistic sides. 

To provide the students with adequate international exposure, Student Exchange Programme has been put in place with institutes from various countries like U.S.A., Canada, U.K., France, Australia, Italy, Germany, Singapore, South Korea, etc.

under this program, the students are exposed to international business environment and cultures that are different from their home business environment. Some students can work on live projects with companies incorporated in some of the above countries. This helps them in being better prepared for careers in a highly dynamic global business world. IMT- Nagpur conducts regular Short Term Exchange Programs (STEP), and India based Regional studies Immersion programs for partners and non-partners institutes in specific India immersion themes. These programs consist of intense study modules involving industry visits, Industrial practicums, lectures, projects, and cultural tours.

The mission is to create an environment that would ignite ideas on innovation and creative thinking, cultivate the culture, and reach a larger audience in academia and industry. All in all, IMT-Nagpur offers students the best of the best in academics and overall personal growth. The campus is filled with opportunities for students to explore themselves, break their shells and develop into versatile professionals.