In our lifetime, everyone has to go through a phase when we need to step out of our comfort zone, away from family and friends, bonds that kept us alive and strong, bonds that made us what we are. There we enter the new world, kingdom of dreams, place to explore, grow and achieve our goals. But where ever we go we keep finding someone whose demons play with ours and that’s when we start building bonds, friendships, and love towards people, their thoughts, ideologies and behavior. That’s when we start finding what we shared with our family and old friends; solace in the new circle of companions.

It is just the beginning of the journey, such a short span and attachment to each other feels intense, so many promises already exchanged. Promises to walk together forever. Day to day we meet a new mate and search for the shadows of old soul mates. It looks like the whole new globe being formed.

But the question lies, are these connections and bonds as warm as the ones we shared before? Is it possible to build such deep links in such a short span? Do we really know each other?

There is a wall, a wall of awkwardness between any relation that’s being built. Unspoken words, unshared secrets, many expressions that define us are hidden, inside our hearts behind that unseen barrier. People restrict themselves from being who they are out of the fear that someone might judge them. Each individual has a story, unknown untold tale, tale that new companions are unaware of. All around there is happiness and laughs, still in the back of mind lies a shell, yet to be broken.

Perhaps it is time we let go of all our inhibitions, fear and awkwardness. It is the hour to break the armour that we have created around us which is restricting our thoughts, feelings to flow and connect with the emotions of others. Let’s just be who we are, breaking all the barriers and believing in our instincts since somewhere someone has always come across/meet you to be a chapter in your life, these will either give us experiences that teach us  or connections that we cherish for lifetime. So let’s tighten the bonds that tie our hearts together and go with the flow, flow of time.