Student Stories

Stages of Life

Everyone has had their best memories of life in their childhood, no two ways about it. Going to school, although a pain then, had its own charm. What can be better than drawing your thoughts on paper and giving them life through colors? Playing with siblings and defending them in their wrong deeds in front of parents, those were the best days of my life too.
Entangled in the race of winning the first position in class and being the most adored child at home (whom one should look up to), all of us have faced the peer pressure ever since then. Also, accomplishing the two milestones of everyone’s educational career i.e. Standard 10th and 12th, one has always seen the competitive world around. Life during graduation and post-graduation is no less, as many would have thought of, because staying away from parents gives you the freedom to make decisions on your own.
The dorms become your second home and the roommate, your guide. Missing family becomes a routine that you eventually get used to and after some time, you even stop calling them because of your busy schedule. Our family is the ultimate source of strength and support through thick and thin. However, unknowingly, we get so busy in our lives that it becomes hard for us to even meet them twice a year. Reliving those days is now impossible for us but we can only cherish them for the rest
of our lives.

Suwani Sharan|PGDM 2019-21