IMT Nagpur

Spreading the Message of Brilliance in Management Education: IMT Nagpur

With a resilient mission and vision to be a premier institution of technology and management, IMT’s legacy is over three decades, starting from the institute in Ghaziabad. Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur was started in 2004 with the intention of bringing about access to a broader set of students and ignite passion in them for excellence. It was the founder, Late Shri Mahendra Nath’s dream to spread the message of brilliance in education all over the country. He strived to connect with business leaders from all over the world, to provide exposure to the Indian students.

IMT Campus in Nagpur, though only seven years old, is rooted in an exhilarating learning environment along with a credible set of professors. The experience and knowledge that the current staff brings with them, is indomitable compared to many other institutes in the same field. A set of core and visiting professors offer a compelling structure for education. A unique blend of vigilance with freedom of making choices is encouraged for the students to get the apt amount of confidence.

Along with this, a well thought out infrastructure, compliments the process of learning. From the IT infrastructure to the Learning Resource Centre, the students have been made available with all top class facilities. The hostels, classrooms and common areas are spaces where a wholesome setting invigorates the student’s mind to learn more.

At the moment, a Post Graduate Diploma is offered in Management Technology which confers an opportunity to be hired by top employers in not only in India but also International organisations. Deakin University in Australia, FH Kufstein Tirol University of Applied Sciences in Austria and Toulouse Business School are part of the twenty five regular exchange programme partners. Other colleges are spread over countries like United States, United Kingdom, Thailand, Poland, Italy, Ireland and many more. Even before the students have graduated, they have wide access and opportunities to get an international exposure.

With a strong and reliable background of education, recruiters from top companies have made a bee line in the past few years to hire graduates of IMT. Banking, Infrastructure and large business houses have patronised IMT since its inception.  Asian Paints, IDBI, Yes Bank, Bajaj Alliance, Berger, HCL and the Tata group of companies are few of the top recruiters of IMT, Nagpur students.

IMT Nagpur is determined to produce the best in the country who can take the responsibility to establish India as a leading country. With a fine background of Management Technology, the graduates of IMT Nagpur are geared up to take the business world by storm.