Justice, reservation

So who needs reservation?

The recent events in Haryana brought my focus on to one of the chronic problems that exist in the system of our country. The caste based reservation seems to be an inconclusive debate with no clear boundaries. We live in a democratic country and have equitable rights but the reservation system seems like a major roadblock to this equality. The thought behind this idea was to uplift the poor and minority castes so that they can be accommodated as emaxresdefaultquals in the society, but many a times we see that someone who actually requires help isn’t provided with the help needed, rather someone who is well-off but is from a minority as per the age old system gets benefits. What I strongly feel is that the thinking of the people needs to be changed. It is the 21st century and such mediocre things should not be promoted in the economy. It holds back the developing nation. True, there are certain people who genuinely require support but it should not be made a mandate for a particular caste. We see numerous examples in our daily lives when a person who otherwise drives a fancy car costing more than 25 lacks demands a quota for taking admission in a college. To solve this problem the country must ensure proper primary education and reservation based on economic condition. We don’t need reservations based on castes or religion but only to actually provide aid to those who have minimal resources; and merit should be given equal and due importance in admission procedures as well employment opportunities. The process of reservation should be such that it filters the truly economically deprived individuals and brings them all to justice.

Shaan Vasavada | PGDM 15-17