Today we all have big cars; big networks; big money; big awards.

But how many of us remember our first bicycle? Our first friend? Our first letter which we wrote? Our first pocket money?

There is no harm in forgetting our ‘firsts’ while achieving our ‘lasts’ but it is just that when we start losing the value of SMALL, we eventually end up valuing our BIG as small. Again in search of big, we ignore small things. But why do we ignore them?

Because since childhood we have been taught to RUN and WIN the race. We don’t even know what the race is all about, but we run. Because we think, that is what we are supposed to do. We run for the bigger competition, we run for the bigger salary, we run for the bigger race! And it is only later that we realize, salary is not worth it if you have no one to spend it on.

Why ‘small’ is beautiful? Because we have ‘big’ emotions attached to it.

I am talking about that smile on your face when you saw your first red bicycle. Your first ride, which made you think that you can win any race and conquer any situation.

I am talking about that first friend who cared to share her tiffin box with you. Is she still there in your big networks? If no…find that friend and connect again!

I am talking about that first letter which you wrote for any of your closed ones. The emotions you had in your writing and the tears they had in their eyes while reading.

I am talking about that first pocket money which created an urge within you to make it big. That happiness when you could buy any chocolate, any gift for your special friend. In the big bank balance, do you have space to fit that little money?

I’m talking about that first award which you won in your school. The pride you had on your face and that confidence which helped you to become what you are today.

These ‘small’ moments culminate to form one BIG chapter of your life, that might add a lot to what you already have. So why ignore them?

Anaha Pandey | PGDM 2018-20