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Slavery Inherited


Many of us state self-respect and freedom as the reasons for wanting to become entrepreneurs and not working under someone else, but is this freedom truly enough? Isn’t it just physical freedom by nature? And in the truest sense, aren’t we all submissive by nature?

When we meet someone, who is more powerful; we do not speak out our opinions or think for ourselves. Rational thinking is a quality which we have left far behind. We are easily swayed by brand names, money, fame or power. Isn’t this an indication of our Mental Slavery?!

Around 360 people from the Bishnoi Community of Rajasthan had sacrificed their lives for saving trees during the Chipko movement, epitomising the importance we give to ecology. Also, we worship trees, rivers and animals too, but all of this diminished in front of stardom, or rather our infatuation with stardom. According to Indian Law, the standard repercussion for killing an endangered species is a five-year sentence in prison, but this triggered a not so standard reaction of panic among fans. What if the same term was awarded to a common man, would we still have considered it a long term? Aren’t our reactions similar to that of slaves?

Loyal followers of politicians are easily angered for the smallest of reasons and get ready to take up arms to protect and support their leaders. Actions that destroy the physical and economic structure of our nation like pelting of stones, burning and harming public property. Also, calling for ‘bandhs’ and ‘hartals’ have increased manifolds. While watching the videos of such incidents, we can easily observe that a majority of the mob is unaware of why they are even protesting. This is a clear example of following someone else’s order without a hint of rational thinking. Thus, haven’t we moved a step ahead in proving ourselves as slaves?

Have we lost our power of resistance? Who is forcing us to surrender ourselves? Are we not compromising our mental freedom and esteem, in exchange for being recognised or for feeling safe amongst the crowd or even for gaining support and praise? Are we moving in the direction of losing our solidarity as a nation? 

The questions raised are many and many more questions will be raised. But should we not seriously start introspecting to prevent situations from turning to worse. There is just one answer to all of it, we are what we make ourselves to be and the answers to everything in this world lie within our own selves. The only way to escape the shackles of such slavery is to introspect, to dig deep within our own conscience and thoughts. It is the only true path to find the strength of freedom we are born with and rise above all malice, injustice and ignorance.


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