Feelings, Travel


The scribbles in my diary fail to describe my feeling, a feeling of being a piece in the new jigsaw puzzle I call IMT Nagpur, a place where I am going to be for the next two years of my life. The puzzle is so colorful and so captivating that it is difficult to define it in black & white. The variety in people is so much that it just can’t be expressed in words, it’s like the color of their nature is unknown. While few are shades of grey, others are the color of joy. Each one is trying to contribute their color and be a part of this vibrant puzzle. They are ready to change their shade just to synchronize with the puzzle. I am somewhere trying to be a shade that would merge with the shade of others so that even if I am placed at the corner of the puzzle my presence would make a difference.

Away from home, when freedom is suddenly your partner, you take decisions from little things to major issue. Some time you want to talk to everyone about everything and anything and the next moment you just wish to rush to your room calling your home just so you could tell your parents how much you miss them in the busy schedule .The sudden rush of emotion is hard to handle at times. You want to go home on weekends but you fail to do so because , the work doesn’t permit you , but the little ray of hope pointing that all of this is just for your dreams restores your mood. You smile to yourself for the silly thoughts you had , the frown disappears into thin air .  Things are sudden and surprising. But that keeps the life here interesting and fun.

Juniors are trying to adapt to the hectic yet fun schedule. Few fail to see the bigger picture and few are rushing to make decisions. But somewhere down the line every one is a learner trying to learn new things. Few are giving up too quick, while the others are fighting it out with a smile. It’s like  an adventure where you don’t know what’s coming next, whether you will get a brownie point or get a negative score. The best part about this adventure, about solving this puzzle is learning to deal with each little surprise that life offers, perhaps, not all but a  whole lot. I hope I can fit the pieces together so the jigsaw looks perfect.


Prashma Patel