Student Stories

Sayantan Banerjee, IMT Nagpur 2010-2012 batch – “Nothing about MBA life is hunky-dory”

As the first rays of the sun filter down on IMT-Nagpur the pleasant songs of birds start pouring into our ears. I always thought once I cleared the CAT hurdle, the rest of life would be a cakewalk, but all my dreams were shattered in the first few days at college and I came to realize everything, or should I say “nothing” about MBA life is hunky-dory.

From the beginning it is business as usual with a weird daily pattern that is sustainable.

I wake at 8:30 a.m. every day and sleepwalk through the effort required to make me look “presentable” in class. Every day I have to make critical decisions regarding “time management” such as:

1) have both bath and breakfast (becoming a rarity)

2) bath but no breakfast

3) breakfast but no bath

4) neither (becoming an alarmingly regular option)

A rigorous academic standard is maintained here, with presentations, cases, assignments and quizzes forming a significant chunk of every student’s day.

But IMT believes in fostering a ‘whole’ personality with all round development. There are a plethora of activities one can indulge in on campus – the numerous clubs stand as testimony to that fact. Ranging from academic spheres such as marketing, operations and finance, to quizzing, writing, photography and the arts – there’s a club for every conceivable passion.  Music, dance, plays, fashion shows and the popular college band Zimphonia establish it as a campus tremendously rich in cultural life.

Everything in the institute is defined by the participants and it is a fulfilling process to be a part of this for two years.

I seem to have touched on a lot of things that characterize IMT Nagpur. That’s because there is so much to talk about and even as I wrote, so many things kept popping up in my mind and I put them down. It is for you to come here and experience a magnificent time at IMT Nagpur!