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Disclaimer- This is something totally opinionated.

This word is an action which never goes ineffective. It fills us with deep sentiments. I feel retrospection is a crucial part for every human on this planet. We just cannot forget or give up on our past, it seems easy to forget but the pain is excruciating.
We move forward very rapidly, exactly like we are told to. But the whole process is so tedious, we tend to forget peeking into our past which is very necessary. It keeps us grounded. People say that we need to forget the past and keep moving forward, but, can we really do that? Is it that trouble-free? The reason behind asking these questions is that, our past has shaped us into what we are today; whether it is in terms of the mind-set or thought process we have or with the kind of behaviour we display. It makes us realise the reason for which we are alive. Also, when we look back, we become humble and show calmness or maybe more sensibility towards everything because we have perceived the consequences in the past. In the process, we also become sensitive (maybe indifferent too) because as I said, it is something we have already experienced earlier.

It is utterly outrageous to forget our own roots. The place we come from, the people we were or things we did, people around us; like every goddamn thing around us happened at that time. Everything in the past has engraved their needle on us. We can never forget that. I am not telling anyone to hold on to incidents of the past like a bottleneck for the future (or present); I am advising to use it as a stepping stone to leap ahead. I strongly sense that going back into already trotted lanes time and time again makes us tough and makes us believe in ourselves more.

This is something imperative for the new generation (in which I’m also a part of). We tend to overlook the past very effortlessly because of the happiness (materialistic or otherwise) showered upon us by our parents. Hence, we fail to remember the struggle they went through and all the minute things they did to give all that we have today without presenting a single sign of abhorrence. We might never understand their great effort but, looking back we can appreciate them and make us more responsible and accountable.

Even if the past occurrences were dark and it seems best to evaporate it from our conscience, it is still important to understand that those occurrences have made us strong and we can continue to use it in the best possible manner.

Sachin Agarwal | PGDM 2016-18