Student Stories


“You may think the grass is greener on the other side. But if you take the time to water your grass it would be just as green.” –Anonymous

Media, famous personalities, surroundings and even technically existing people are having a huge impact on our lives these days. All of this makes us more deprived and takes away our own self.

So without looking at what people are posting on social media and copying that for the sake of appearance, let us make our life better in a veritable way.

  • Corner of Happiness
    Make a corner of your house or workplace as a down-home, a place, which relaxes you just as a village, relaxes a city wanderer. Fill that up with your favourite music, books, edibles, decorate it with lights, photos and your creativity.
  • Give Therapy to yourself
    Enough of thank you and regards on mails let us pay regards to ourselves this time. Book yourself a massage, facial, or bubble bath. Give yourself a treat, order your favourite food, or catch up with friends at your favourite food stall.
  • Reconnect, Rejuvenate
    Oh! Call that old friend with whom you had bunked school for the first time, who made your assignments. Do not just put a nostalgia status on Instagram this time, draft a remembrance mail, add pictures of your farewell and do click on the send button this time.
  • Develop hobbies in real, not just for the resume
    “You should have a hobby even at the older age of your life.” Do you remember you won the singing competition in high school? The trophy collects dust but the talent is still within. So, start sparing an hour or half from your busy schedule for rebuilding yourself.
  • PPTs can be revamped, Relationships cannot be
    You will regret missing that holiday because of that international client. You missed your sister’s baby shower, concerts, family dinners, brunch with friends, thus ended up missing life in between. Do not ever miss those blissful and cherishable moments in life.

Happy endings only happen in Bollywood, in reality, we need to make the endings happy.

Harshika Mohta
Batch 2020-22