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RESILIENCE – A Powerful Word Less Talked About!

It’s not always that you get flowers; it’s not always that you get it from pretty girls. Similarly, it is not always that you come across words so powerful and it isn’t often that ‘RESILIENCE’ is talked about.

But what is Resilience and what makes it such a powerful word?

The ability to rebound to your original shape even after going through a lot of adversities and failures in your life is ‘Resilience’.

One can think of resilience as similar to taking a raft trip down a river. On a river, you may encounter upstream currents, downstream currents, turns, shallows etc. You can only gain courage by successfully navigating your way through the water. So, it may happen that you do not end up completing your journey successfully in the very first attempt. But do you have that attitude in you to get back again in the raft and start afresh?

For cricket aficionados, there is Virat Kohli’s disastrous tour of England (2014) to consider where he averaged a mere 13.40 in the 10 innings he played. How hard was he criticized for his poor show? How many of us thought that Virat’s test career was living on the edge or probably, down and out? But did he panic when all of the odds were against him? Did he succumb to the pressure from his surroundings when he was put under the pump? No, he did not.
In 2018, he was itching to get back on the flight to England and boy, how well did he bounce back to rout England. This was because Kohli craved, desired and yearned to be on the road to resilience.

Then there are great footballers who miss penalties on a big day when it matters the most and they have to live with it for the next 5 years, and yet again you need to be resilient enough to come back from it.

Even in the Australian Army, when they are building an elite core team, they look at your career record (your track record) and if you have never failed once, they don’t pick you. They don’t pick you because they say if this man experiences failure will he know what to do? They pick people who have failed and bounced back, and that is where Resilience comes through.

Long and short of it, it’s all about how you handle things when the tide is against you. Can you handle defeat? Can you live in a world that is changing overnight where suddenly the product categories are being wiped out, stocks are plummeting, a pandemic is hitting hard and you wake up the next morning and say to yourself – “Is it the same world in which I lived yesterday?” and yet be resilient enough to say that you are going to survive in that world too.

And therefore I say that in today’s world, we come across a lot of words like Trust, Patience, becoming a leader.  But hang on!!

Where is Resilience? Does the word not hold a stature equal to, if not more than the aforementioned ones? Drawing an analogy from sport, and I hate to jump the gun, but this is what I harbour – “This is a word that punches above its weight and ‘Resilience’, as a word, should always appear in the top order of your batting line-up rather than languishing down the order.”
And ironically, how often, here again, resilience has been communicated majorly through instances alone.

Sanchit Mehrotra | PGDM 2018-20